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786 Tantra-Sacred Sex-Divine Love – The Union of Opposites


What is your spiritual path or belief system?
My path is the path of Love. The way of the sufi is Love/bhakti. Eye am a Hindu to a Hindu, a Buddist to a Buddist, a Muslim to a Muslim, and a Christian to a Christian.
What is your perception of intimacy and spirituality, how do they relate?
Tantric sex is one of the Highest ways to worship God. Only God can make love with God!!! God in me makes love with God in you. This is the tantric way. Non Duality. In unity there in only ONE being making love with SELF…
Approximately how many relationships have you had? How do you feel about this number?
Ha ha ha…What a funny question. In the hundreds of past life times eye have had, it would be impossible for me to know the number of relationships eye have had.
How do you feel about your body-overall?
Eye am not the body. Eye am a Light being inhabiting this body. amazon kindle Sometimes eye came as a woman. This time eye came as a man…smile.. Eye love this body this time.
How do you feel about women/feminine energy?
The first God was a woman! Man in his ignorance made God masculine. Eye am a worshiper of the Divine Goddess. In the sufi way we learn that the secret of Allah is inside of the woman. Feminine energy is Gods energy. The secret of Lord Shiva is His consort Shakti…
How do you feel about men/masculine energy?
Next question.lol..Most men have no clue about ture Divinity and focus tooo much on the masculine energy. Spiritual energy is of a feminine nature. The soul is feminine. Epub The sufi journey takes place on the plane of the soul.
What is your understanding of energy healing, Kindle energy flow or the process of energy movement or awakening?
Kundalini is at the base of the spine. Sri Ganesh is the guardian of this gate. When this gate is open, it allows the serpent power to rise up the central channel (if it is balanced) to the crown chakra. At this point God and man are ONE.
What do you feel are the biggest issues in your current relationship,  or the most recent relationship that had the most significance to you?
Some women have a fear of exploring new systems of relationships, and are stuck in the old western system which does not work for men on the spiritual path.
Why are you interested in the art of tantra?



Eye want to perfect the art of tantra. Eye want to experience God during sexual union. Eye want to master the mula bandh lock, and semen retention which will allow me to give my partner extreme bliss and multiple orgasms for healing and Enlightenment.
What are your goals in starting a Spiritual Journey and working on yourself?
My goal is to manifest my innate Divine power to its fullest potential in this life. Sacred tantra is one way to awaken the God self.
What is your desire for a healthy sexual relationship?
My desire is to have no desire. To be and exist in the eternal NOW. Buddha has said “desire and ignorance are the root cause of all suffering.”
Are you presently in therapy? If you are presently in therapy, would you explain what your goals are with your current therapist?
Allah, Muhammad, Krishna, Ganesh, Buddha, and Quan Yin are my therapists. The goal of my therapy is to become one with my Therapist.
Sacred Sex
In the ancient Egyptian book of the Dead it says “when the Ka(soul-masculine) is united with the Ba(spirit-feminine) man and God are ONE!! Sex in and of itself is a sacred act. Some would venture to say, when used in its proper context, it is one of the highest acts of worship. Sex in the west has been given a negative image. In eastern cultures this is not the case. In Egyptian, Hindu and Buddhist Temples you often see images of the Deities in sexual embrace with their divine consort. pdf In islamic mystical doctrines it is said that before the creation of the universe Allah polarized His light producing two lights. The light of Jamal(beauty) which was of a feminine nature, and the light of Jalal(majesty) which was of a masculine nature. These two lights made love in the heavens giving birth to the Light of our beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon HIm). The Light of Muhammad took the form of a peacock and landed on the tree of Being(kaballah-tree of life). It was from the Light of Muhammad that the universe was created.
Loving you eye
lost all since of self


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