An Elegant Defense New Science Kindle, PDF 2019


An Elegant Defense  New Science of the Immune System by Matt Richtel


Magnificently reported and soulfully crafted, An Elegant Defense New Science An Elegant Defense is an epic, first-of-its-kind exploration of the human immune system and the secrets of health, by the Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times journalist

“One of those rare nonfiction books that transcends the genre. … Fascinating and engrossing. … I highly recommend this extraordinary book.” —DOUGLAS PRESTON

“Vividly told. … Explicates for the lay reader the intricate biology of our immune system.” —JEROME GROOPMAN, New York Review of Books

A terminal cancer patient rises from the grave. A medical marvel defies HIV. Two women with autoimmunity discover their own bodies have turned against them.

The immune system is our body’s essential defense network, a guardian vigilantly fighting illness, healing wounds, maintaining order and balance, and keeping us alive. Its legion of microscopic foot soldiers—from T cells to “natural killers”—patrols our body, linked by a nearly instantaneous communications grid.

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