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Andrew Carroll pdf STASHED AWAY FOR DECADES and found by chance in a garage attic, thesmall bundle of World War I–era letters sent from France by a U.S.serviceman had never been published or shown to anyone outside of hisfamily. In the letters, the soldier expresses how meaningful it is to receivemail and be reminded that he hasn’t been forgotten. “Dear Aunt Eliza,” hewrote on November 9, 1917. “It was very delightful to get your letter andto know that you still think of me; also to know that I have your sympathyand good wishes.”And to a friend he had not heard from, he added a short, plaintivehandwritten note at the end of a typed letter to her, stating: “Dear Anne: Idon’t know why you do not write to me. I asked you to do so but have Ithink received but two letters from you in the past two years—It is noteasy to understand. Best Love. J.J.P.”“J.J.P.” was John Joseph Pershing, the fifty-seven-year-old general whowas commanding the entire American Expeditionary Forces in World WarI at the time. His leadership and the decisions he was making on a dailybasis were affecting the lives of millions of individuals and even the fatesof nations. But all of Pershing’s prestige and power couldn’t mitigate thevery human longing he felt to be thought of and remembered while he wasthousands of miles from home.Woven through these newly discovered letters are also references to acatastrophic personal loss that Pershing suffered before the war thatcaused those close to him to fear he might, emotionally, never recover. Inthe same November 9, 1917, letter to his Aunt Eliza, Pershing remarkedthat his focus on the war helped distract him from thinking about thetragedy he had endured, confiding: “Only by being continually at work in
positions requiring my whole thought have I been able to live during thepast two years.”To the soldiers of the American Expeditionary Forces serving underPershing, these intimations of emotional vulnerability would have come asa shock. Pershing was notoriously strong-willed, to the point of seemingcold, rigid, and humorless, almost more machine than man. He wasespecially unforgiving when it came to matters of discipline. From theyoungest privates to senior officers, including other generals, Pershingwould lash out if he noticed the slightest imperfection, be it an unpolishedboot or a missing button. (Ironically, Pershing had one pronounced failingthroughout his entire military career: He was constantly late. The reasonwasn’t laziness though; Pershing often became so absorbed in what he wasdoing that he lost his sense of time. Nevertheless, it irritated his staffmembers and, in particular, the obsessively punctual French and Britishofficers with whom he worked.)

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