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Dead Or Alive 03 Blood Money Ralph Cotton

Ralph Cotton

Federal Deputy Sullivan Hart lost his father to ruthless J.T. Priest. Now Judge Isaac Parker sends Hart and his partner, Twojack Roth, to break up Priest’s infamous gang, and Hart is only too willing to fulfill his duty. With a fortune in the balance, and a couple of sharp-eyed bounty hunters at his side, Hart sets out on a trail that will lead to a final showdown.


About the Author Ralph Cotton


Blood Money, written in 2002, is the final book of the popular Dead or Alive trilogy, book one being Hangman’s Choice, followed by Devil’s Due. All three are part of the newly released series of Western Classics, written by national best-selling author Ralph Cotton. Ralph has achieved notable success with the publication and sales of over fifty novels; most have been or are on the New York Times Bestseller List. Ralph lives on the Florida Gulf Coast with his wife Mary Lynn. He writes prodigiously and his books remain top sellers in the Western and Civil War/Western genres. Ralph enjoys painting, photography, sailing and playing guitar. His imagination is comfortable building characters and working with events in the past, but he reaches to the present and future to find the best way to present them. The Western Classic series of novels introduces Ralph Cotton to a new generation of readers who will enjoy them for the first time, and find pleasure in re-reading them for years to come.

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