Audiobook: TTC The Physics Of History


Audiobook: TTC The Physics Of History

Audiobook: TTC The Physics Of History

Get the background you need to understand how scientists know what they do about the past with these 24 lectures that cover an astonishing range of cases in which physics has helped to redefine history – in astronomy, archaeology, geology, climatology, art history, and other fields. Your amazing voyage begins with five lectures on elementary atomic and nuclear physics. Professor Helfand then builds on this background with a series of lectures dealing with mysteries on Earth. He rounds out the voyage with a group of lectures that take on the problems of the cosmos, including the radical adjustment in our view of time and space required by Einstein’s theory of relativity. Immensely rewarding and enlightening, these lectures will enhance your appreciation of both science and history by addressing questions such as these: How did corn spread across the New World? When did the extinction of the dinosaurs occur? How old is the Earth? In answering these and other questions, you’ll explore the resources scientists use to investigate the past, including radioactivity, tree rings, ice cores, and ocean sediments. Here is an insightful feast that will undoubtedly satisfy your curiosity about some of the most profound discoveries in the history of humanity – and the universe. With the wealth of information contained in these lectures, the next time you hear about a breakthrough scientific finding in the news, you’ll be better equipped to answer the question: How did they do that?

01.The Vast Reaches of Time and Space(1).mp3 14.23 MiB
02.Fundamentally, What’s the World Made Of(1).mp3 13.69 MiB
03.Energy in the Atomic World(1).mp3 13.93 MiB
04.The Atomic Basis of the Senses(1).mp3 14.42 MiB
05.Radioactivity—Nature’s Imperturbable Clock(1).mp3 13.77 MiB
06.From Detecting Forgeries to the First Art(1).mp3 12.93 MiB
07.Watching Plaster Dry—And Dating It(1).mp3 13.94 MiB
08.We Are What We Eat—The History of Diet(1).mp3 14.57 MiB
09.A Plant Is What It Eats—Tracing Agriculture(1).mp3 13.28 MiB
10.Tree Rings—Seasons of the Past 12,000 Years(1).mp3 13.92 MiB
11.Ice Cores—Climate Records for 800 Millennia(1).mp3 13.95 MiB
12.Ocean Sediments Reveal 5 Million Years(1).mp3 14.53 MiB
13.A Bad Day in June—Death of the Dinosaurs(1).mp3 13.42 MiB
14.The Origin and Early History of Life(1).mp3 14.18 MiB
15.The History of Earth’s Atmosphere(1).mp3 13.04 MiB
16.The Age of the Solar System(1).mp3 13.64 MiB
17.What Happened before the Sun Was Born(1).mp3 13.21 MiB
18.Atoms Are Star Stuff—Cooking Up Carbon(1).mp3 15.07 MiB
19.The Lives of Big Stars—Cooking Up Big Atoms(1).mp3 13.53 MiB
20.Relativity—Space and Time Become Spacetime(1).mp3 12.77 MiB
21.(Almost) Everything Is Relative(1).mp3 14.62 MiB
22.Matter Vanishes; Light Speed Is Breached(1).mp3 13.09 MiB
23.The Limits of Vision—13.7 Billion Years Ago(1).mp3 14.01 MiB
24.The First Few Minutes—Where It All Began(1).mp3 12.46 MiB
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