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want to increase the value of your home? Remodel your bathroom. Renovating and updating a bathroom continues to be one of the best investments you can make in improving a home, in terms of resale price. But even more than the objective value, you’ll be making your life immeasurably more pleasant by adding comfort, efficiency,Epub and a pleasing appearance to a room most homeowners use multiple times a day.
Although trends in bathroom design come and go more frequently than they do in any other room in the house, indicators of style and luxury remain the same. Even though the trend in tiles is toward more ornate, hand-painted surfaces, tiles themselves remain a go-to material in bathroom renovations. They are easy to install and easy to keep clean, amazon kindle look fantastic, and offer a mind-boggling number of options. Pick just about any color or pattern you can dream up, and choose a size that complements the room itself.
And tiles are just the tip of the iceberg of bathroom-design options.



These days, you can choose mirrors with built-in LED lighting (see here) and shower and bath fixtures that continue to evolve in both function and form.
Function—especially function in service of comfort and convenience—is an ongoing focus of bathroom design. New showerheads with more comfortable grip handles are now widely offered in every finish and style that faucets are. You’ll even find showerheads with built-in colored LED lights, to change up the look of the shower and indulge users in beneficial chromatherapy.



The story of bathroom design is not written in game-changing technological advances, but is more about modest improvements. Fairly recent innovations such as hands-free faucets are growing in popularity and subsequently being refined in design and function. The basic low-flow, water-conserving toilet remains the same, but you will find incremental changes that make your life easier, such as new self-cleaning toilets.
Nowhere are small changes having a bigger impact than in the growth and refinement of universal design elements. Universal design is all about accessibility for everyone, including the elderly, young children, and especially anyone with mobility and balance issues or disabilities. It used to be that features such as safety grab bars or a walk-in bath looked sterile and clinical.Kindle It was hard to find universal design accessories that had any real style. That’s no longer the case.
In today’s marketplace, you’ll find many beautiful walk-in tubs. These are designed to be right at home in a luxury bathroom and give the homeowner a chance to build universal design elements into an upscale bathroom renovation.



Put in an eye-catching walk-in soaking tub while you’re young and agile, and the tub may well serve you right through your golden years. You can also pick from a range of grab bars in distinctive finishes to match just about any bathroom style, with flair that will complement other fixtures in the room.
All this adds up to one reality: these days, you can have exactly the bathroom function you want, in exactly the look you crave. Current bathroom fixtures, features, finishes, and accessories provide a perfect meeting of seamless,pdf convenient function and beautiful, stylish form. All that’s left is to sift through the options in the chapters that follow and get started on your own spa-worthy, accessible, and delightful new bathroom design.


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