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Broadband Services Business Models and Technologies for Community Networks 2019 Read books online

Access to the Internet is an increasing problem in many areas of the world.Broadband Services Business Models 2019 online As the popularity and usefulness of the Internet increases on a daily basis, lack of access to the technology is putting many groups at a disadvantage in terms of better education, better jobs and even in terms of higher levels of civic participation.

This book is essential for anyone looking to gain an understanding of the issues and technology surrounding the access debate. It will be of particular relevance to network engineers/designers/planners at the incumbent operator companies charged with delivering broadband access to as yet unconnected regions.

About the Author

Imrich Chlamtac, CreateNet Research Consortium

Ashwin Gumaste, Fujitsu Laboratories, USA

Csaba A. Szabo, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

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