(Business Contract) Indemnities Ultimate Weapon to Shift


(Business Contract) Indemnities Ultimate Weapon to Shift Your Business Risk

(Business Contract) Indemnities Ultimate Weapon to Shift

Contract is an essential part in virtually every commercial transaction. No matter how good your product or service is, your ultimate rights and obligations are protected mainly by the contract you formed with the other party.

This course aims to democratise the legal skills and knowledge required to negotiate and draft a solid business contract that can effectively protect one’s legitimate commercial and legal interest. By studying this course, you will learn the following core skills in drafting your business contract:

Applying standard clauses in a contract to cover uncertain events in the future

Analysing and negotiating a contractual clause

Appreciating how a contractual clause is drafted to maximise the legal protection to a party

It is important to know that this course is educational and does not intend to substitute any legal advice. You should seek independent legal advice when you seek to form a contract. However, after studying this course, you are able to critically analyse and evaluate whether a contract is well drafted to protect your commercial interest.

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