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while humans slept, monsters raved.Maybe it wasn’t technically a rave. There weren’t any glow sticks or electronic music, or club kids with crazy hair and fluorescent clothes. There were a few dozen shapeshifters and a sprinkling of vampires—and one not-quite witch showing off the mural she’d painted in a literal wolves’ den.I was one of the vampires, an unaffiliated Rogue in a city of Houses—including the House led by my parents. The artist was my best friend, awoman with sorcerer parents who’d said no to magic and yes to brushes and paints. And tonight, a lot of champagne.Lulu Bell stood near her artwork—dozens of female bodies of all shapes, sizes, and shades—champagne flute in one hand as she gestured with the other toward the painting and spoke to a rapt audience. She was petite, with a shining bob of dark hair that framed her pale heart-shaped face and green eyes. She’d paired a multicolor tunic with gray leggings,red heels, and enormous dangling earrings, and looked very much the part of the artsy girl.Music shook the air around her, heavy on guitars and drums. Her Audience was in clothes that were heavy on leather. The shifters, members of the North American Central Pack, were mostly wolves, and they were similarly handsome. Strong men and women whose energy seemed palpable, as if their vitality were sturdy enough to actually thicken the air.“She looks happy.” The man who’d spoken stood behind me, his dark skin and short dark hair contrasting sharply against his brilliantly colored short-sleeved button-down shirt.He was Theo Martin, one of Chicago’s supernatural Ombuds—liaisons between humans and Sups. In his particular case, a former cop with a good
brain and a minor obsession with superheroes and, as I’d learned, the comics they lived in.I was an OMB staffer, at least temporarily. Roger Yuen, the city’s new Ombudsman, had given me a gig when my plan to continue working for Paris Maison Dumas had fallen apart. I’d been helping Theo and Petra,another Ombud, address supernatural problems that cropped up in Chicago; I’d keep helping them until the grant money ran out—of the mountains of OMB paperwork finally disappeared.“She does look happy,” I agreed. “At least some of that is sheer relief.She’s been worried about finishing it in time. The Pack wouldn’t reschedule the party.”Pack-brewed beer was being introduced in the Pack’s bar today. They’d Wanted the mural completed by the time the party started, and they’d refused to negotiate with Lulu for a different deadline. Shifters weren’t usually picky . . . except when it came to business.Theo sipped a glass of brown beer that looked more like chocolate than booze. Then coughed. “It’s . . . intense.”“Good intense or bad intense?”He swirled the liquid in the glass, dark beer against pale foam. “I feel like I need a knife and fork. You should try it, Elisa. Your tastes are, youknow, different from mine.”“What with the blood and all,” I said dryly.Theo grinned a crooked smile. “What with.”Now or never, I told myself, and took the glass he offered, then a hearty sip . . . and was overwhelmed by flavors. It was sour and tangy and complex and smoky.

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Chloe Neill pdf

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