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Craig Shirley pdf When General George Washington successfully led the AmericanRevolution against the most powerful military force in the world, that ofthe British Empire, King George III reportedly said that if Washington laiddown his sword after his stunning, startling, and world-altering victory, hewould be regarded as the greatest man in the world.That is precisely what Washington did.At the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, he went before theContinental Congress in Annapolis, Maryland, on December 23, 1783, laiddown his weapon, and made a brief speech. After celebrations and aftercommemorations, he left and went home to become, again, PlanterWashington.He was eager to return to his beloved wife, Martha, and his cherishedMount Vernon—which he hadn’t been to in seven years, except briefly toentertain some French officers while on his way to Yorktown and a datewith destiny against General Charles Cornwallis—to get back to the life ofthe gentleman farmer he so loved. In character, he gave the credit for themiracle of the American Revolution to others.“Your excellency is retired like [another] Cincinnatus,” wrote theMarquis de Chastellux at the close of the Revolutionary War.1 LuciusQuinctius Cincinnatus, about 2,250 years earlier, having won against thefierce Aequians as a Roman general, refused absolute power and insteadwent back to his farm and his plow. One of Washington’s generals, theredoubtable and later secretary of war Henry Knox, formed the Society ofthe Cincinnati in 1783, comprising Washington’s commanders in the fieldfrom the Revolution and their descendants. The Society exists today andhas a national office in Washington, D.C
WASHINGTON DID NOT JUST ARRIVE WITHOUT CAUSE AT HIS EXALTED STATUS,beloved by his fellow countrymen for over two hundred years, withchildren, cities—including Washington, D.C., in 1791—monuments,mountains, schools, even states and holidays named in his honor. Andlater, as the standard by which all future presidents would be measured,recorded as also the greatest president by most historians—a man whowould be widely revered for his integrity, grace, manners, charm, Christianfaith, and humility. His devout mother played a key role in thedevelopment of his character. While he was sometimes described ashaving little genuine affection for Mary, the reserved Washington stillcredited her with his principled and moral upbringing. Indeed, this wasinevitable, for when George was eleven, his father died, leaving MaryWashington a single mother.

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