Daniel McCoy Audiobook The Viking Spirit free 2020

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Daniel McCoy Audiobook is the creator of Norse Mythology for Smart People (Norse-Mythology.org), the most-visited website on the mythology and religion of the Norse and other ancient Germanic peoples for several years running. He was recently featured as a Norse mythology expert in Major League Baseball’s documentary “Iron Knight: Lou Gehrig,” which was released by A&E and aired on the Smithsonian Channel. A writer by profession, he lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


Daniel McCoy Audiobook The Viking Spirit free 2020


Daniel McCoy Audiobook The Viking Spirit is an introduction to Norse mythology like no other. As you’d expect from Daniel McCoy, the creator of the endearingly popular website “Norse Mythology for Smart People”, it’s written to scholarly standards, but in a simple, clear, and entertaining style that’s easy to understand and a pleasure to listen to. It includes gripping retellings of no less than 34 epic Norse myths – more than any other book in the field – while also providing an equally comprehensive overview of the fascinating viking religion of which Norse mythology was a part. You’ll learn about the vikings’ gods and goddesses, their concept of fate, their views on the afterlife, their moral code, how they thought the universe was structured, how they practiced their religion, the role that magic played in their lives, and much more. With its inclusion of the latest groundbreaking research in the field, The Viking Spirit is the ultimate introduction to the timeless splendor of Norse mythology and religion for the 21st Century.

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