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Doug Wead pdf It was December 23, 2018. Many on the White House staff had scattered for Christmas vacation. The mansion was almost empty, at least compared with most nights. Outside, spotlights illuminated the buil dingand the grounds. Inside, many of the sparkling Christmas decorations had gone dark. Only security and some service personnel remained on the job, and some of them were shifting their schedules to be home with the irfamilies as soon as possible.President Donald Trump was spotted moving among the Christmas trees on the State Floor of the White House mansion. He was alone. In the shadows, hovering nearby, were staff, some using high-density pen-lightsto guide their footsteps, trying to remain invisible. As he passed, the president smiled and bantered good-naturedly, asking about their families. Then he stepped into the Blue Room, where the mansion’s most important Christmas tree was dark, and from the blackness he looked outside at the glittering night. Just to the left, floodlights illuminated the Washington Monument, which towered above the city.2Straight ahead,outside, was the massively lit national Christmas tree, and beyond that one could barely see the glowingmarble dome of the Jefferson Memorial.Donald Trump was now at the halfway mark of his first term as president of the United States, but thatnight he was one lone man, standing in the darkened Blue Room of the White House, with the images of distant marble monuments to other great men reflecting off the windows.DEFYING THE GRAVITY It had been a spectacular ascent. In 2016 Trump had defied the unanimous opinion of political experts by winning the Republican nomination for president. Months later he had defied the experts again by winning the presidency. On the very morning of the election, the New York Times had given him only a 9 percent chance of winning.3 He had been opposed by Hollywood, academia, Wall Street, and the national media. Every livingpresident, Republican and Democratic, had voted against him. Two hundred and forty newspapers hadendorsed his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Nineteen had supported him.4 Billionaires had voted against himtwenty to one.5 But he had won in an electoral landslide.As a candidate he had promised to be “the greatest jobs president God ever created.” But the world’ seconomists universally scorned him and derided his economic predictions. They were denounced asmathematical impossibilities.6Just before the election, the Washington Post declared that if he won he would “destroy the world economy.”7The day after his election, Paul Krugman of the New York Times predicted “a global recession, with no en din sight.”8Larry Summers, a former secretary of treasury and top economic adviser to both Clinton and Obama,dismissed Trump’s budget as “ludicrous.” Summers, who had also once been the president of Harvard University, said it would work if you believed in “tooth fairies.”9“No, pigs do not fly,” said Robert Brusca, senior economist at FAO Economics. “Donald Trump is dreaming.”10But by the end of the year Donald Trump’s dreams had become America’s reality. His economy hadeffortlessly defied gravity. By the second quarter of 2018 the gross domestic product had topped 4.1 percent.11Wages were up. Unemployment was down..

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Inside Trump’s White House Download Doug Wead pdf 



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