Fidel Castro A Life From Beginning to End


Fidel Castro
When Fidel Castro died on November 25, 2016, it seemed as if much of the world didn’t quite know what to make of the revolutionary leader. The images of loyal Cubans in Havana openly crying in the streets stood in stark contrast to the Cuban exiles and their descendants just 90 miles away in Miami, Florida. While Cuban citizens were mourning, Cuban Americans were celebrating; they were laughing, dancing, and drinking to celebrate Castro’s demise. It seems that Fidel Castro was just as polarizing in death as he was in life.

Inside you will read about…
– The Beginnings of a Revolutionary
– Castro Meets Che Guevara
– The Bay of Pigs
– The Cuban Missile Crisis
– Castro’s Soviet Ally
– The Assassination Conspiracy
– Doctors For Oil
And much more!

Learn more about the life of one of the twentieth century’s most controversial figures.


Biography Fidel Castro


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