Four Days with Hemingway’s Ghost by Tom Winton


Four Days with Hemingway’s Ghost is not a story of spooks and spirits. It is an entertaining weave of heartrending emotion, humor, and a sprinkling of little known facts. The novel also examines the lives of two very different men. One is mortal, the other immortal. One is painfully ordinary, the other world famous. But despite their differences, they both learn some invaluable lessons from one another during their few days together.Jack Phelan is a forty-two-year-old underachiever. He lives in South Florida, and though he mows lawns for a living, he’s not what you might think. He’s got an exceptionally sharp mind and is a self-educated Hemingway aficionado. After Jack gets into a highly unlikely accident, he’s flown by helicopter to the nearest hospital in West Palm Beach where he remains in a coma for four days. But minutes after he blacks out, he finds himself in Key West, Florida. He’s leaning on the brick wall in front of the Hemingway Home now turned museum. As he admires the house and grounds, he suddenly realizes someone is standing right next to him. Thinking it’s a tourist crowding him, he turns to confront the man. But he doesn’t. Instead his eyes spring wide open and he is absolutely stupefied. Standing alongside him is an aged Papa Hemingway, and he’s staring straight into Jack’s buggy eyes. Hem has been sent from above to help determine whether or not Jack has what it takes to write a book for “The Main Man above the clouds.” But what Ernest doesn’t know is that the book is going to be about him. And that its purpose is to change the world’s perception of the swaggering, hard-knuckled, macho myth he has become. Over the next four days, Jack Phelan and Ernest Hemingway travel to some of the legendary author’s old haunts and rub shoulders with many of his long gone friends. But wait. Once their time together ends, the story is still not over. That’s when things really get interesting.


About the Author Four Days with Hemingway’s Ghost


Tom Winton was born and raised in New York City. He has done everything from working on a railroad gang in the Colorado Rockies to driving a taxicab in Manhattan. He has also been a mailman, a salesman, an entrepreneur and more. He now lives in Florida with his wife Blanche and their ill-tempered, but lovable, Jack Russell terrier, Ginger.


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