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The Ungovernable: Book Seven in The Borrowed World Series Franklin Horton pdf

Franklin Horton pdf

The Power Plant

WHEN BOSS SAW his own hand dropping away from his body,severed at the wrist, he knew he had to act fast or he was a dead man. He was already groping for the tourniquet on his belt as herolled from the icy steel decking. He plunged into the dark, icy water with a heart-seizing abruptness. In his multifaceted career, Boss had taken the Army’s Combat Water Survival Training. He’d also taken cold weather training with the Norwegian Army, which had required jumping through a holecut in a frozen lake. Unfortunately, none of the techniques he’dlearned in those trainings would help him at this very moment.He would die quickly unless he stemmed the free flow of blood from his wrist.At his back, he tugged at an orange nylon tab, opening thepouch containing his tourniquet. He got a firm grip on it,knowing he was screwed if he lost the precious lifesaving devicein the current. He thrust the stump above water, looped the widetourniquet around it, and tugged the device as tight as he could. When the Velcro end was fastened securely, he twisted thecapstan and locked it down, gritting his teeth against the painful
pressure. There was too much blood and too little light to know if he’dbeen successful or not. He’d know shortly. If he passed out and died he’d have his answer.Containing the bleeding alone did not guarantee his survival. He’d only dealt with one of the multitude of threats trying to killhim at the moment. He would die in the frigid water if he didn’tget out and get warm. There was shock to contend with, and the possibility he’d lost too much blood to function effectively.


Still,quitting was not in his vocabulary.He scanned his surroundings for both threats and an escaperoute, but the limited light prevented a thorough visual assessment. In a small blessing, the swift water had carried himaway from the scene of the fight. He saw no one in any of the pockets of light. Neither the men he’d been fighting nor his own men.The entire scene was surreal. Steam rose in dense clouds as flood waters hit fiery furnaces. Emergency floodlights sliced through that steam, creating sporadic pockets of glowing fog. The scene was eerie and nightmarish. In some areas the facility lighting faded and blinked out as water shorted electrical components.Carried by the current, Boss was slammed against a steelbeam protruding from an unlit platform. The bone-jarring impact rattled him and he grunted in pain. He managed to hooka leg around the beam and stop himself. The current pulled athim but he clung tightly to the beam like a bull rider, his legs wrapped around it, a single arm upraised and held out of the water.

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