From the Great Wall to Wall Street by Wei Yen 2019 online


From the Great Wall to Wall Street A Cross-Cultural Look at Leadership and Management in China and the US 2019 Read books online

Wei Yen explores how differences in world views between Eastern and Western thought and culture have on management and leadership behaviors.

In The Geography From the Great Wall to Wall Street by Wei Yen of Thought Richard Nisbett showed how the thought and culture of the East is rooted in Chinese Confucian ideals while that of the West goes back to the early Greeks. In From Great Wall to Wall Street, Wei Yen explores how these differences impact today’s leadership and management practices. He delves deeply into the two cultures and their philosophical roots, and explains why there can exist significant misunderstandings between the two camps.

Yen was born in China, raised in Hong Kong, educated both there and in the US and then spent half his working life in the US and half in Asia. From his vantage point, straddling both cultures he compares and contrasts the pragmatic, wholistic Chinese (or Asian) management style with the rational and analytical Western management style. He shows their pros and cons, the areas where they differ and situations where one may be more successful than the other.


by Wei Yen 2019 online

by Wei Yen 2019 online

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