Generation Multiplex The Image by Timothy Review 2019


Generation Multiplex The Image of Youth in Contemporary American Cinema by Timothy Shary Review 2019 Read books online

Generation Multiplex The Image by Timothy Review 2019


Timothy Shary is the author of research on movies about age and gender representation in primarily American movies, including ‘Generation Multiplex’ (2002), ‘Youth Culture in Global Cinema’ (2007), and ‘Millennial Masculinity’ (2013). A revised and expanded edition of ‘Generation Multiplex’ was published in 2014. He recently co-edited a collection of essays on filmmaker Amy Heckerling (‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’, ‘Clueless’) and is completing a collection on John Hughes (‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘Home Alone’), both projects with Frances Smith.

He was the featured scholar in the IFC documentary series ‘Indie Sex’ in the episode ‘Teens’.

Shary grew up in Pennsylvania; he earned his B.A. at Hampshire College, his M.A. in film at Ohio University, and his Ph.D. in communications at the University of Massachusetts.

In 2016, he published ‘Fade to Gray: Aging in American Cinema’ with Nancy McVittie. His latest book, ‘Boyhood: A Young Life on Screen’, about the 2014 Richard Linklater movie, appeared in 2017.

He maintains an active interest in the study of youth in cinema through further research and publications.

Shary likes to receive inquiries and commentaries on his work, and is easily accessible through various media sources.

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