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Doom and Bloom: English Cottage Garden Mysteries, Book 3 H Y Hanna pdf

H Y Hanna pdf

Poppy is settling into life in an English village and gaining some greenfingers at last as she restores the beautiful cottage garden nursery she’s inherited.When she meets a wealthy dog lover at the village fête and is hired to create a“canine scent garden”, the future looks rosy… until the day ends with a viciouskilling and she finds herself spade-deep in a murder investigation once again.Meanwhile Einstein the terrier has fallen head-over-paws for a pamperedpoodle and Poppy has her hands full keeping him out of trouble. With vandalsattacking her cottage and orders for flowers flooding in, she barely has time forsleuthing! But when unexpected help comes from her mad scientist neighbourBertie, as well as crime author Nick Forrest and his talkative cat Oren, Poppy issure she’s found the killer…The only problem is – with false clues and suspects galore, could she bebarking up the wrong tree?

The English Cottage Garden Mysteries

  1. Deadhead and Buried (Book 1)
  2. Silent Bud Deadly (Book 2)
  3. Doom and Bloom (Book 3)
  4. Trowel and Error (Book 4)

~ more coming soon!

Author’s Note :

This book follows British English spelling and usage.

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