How to Get Ahead by Zak Slayback


How to Get Ahead Turbocharge your professional success and accelerate your career.

This practical guide cuts the fluff and gives you real, tangible, actionable steps you can take to build your own world-class network. Even if you think the terms “personal branding” or “networking” sound sleazy, How to Get Ahead teaches you how to earn more, learn more, get more done, and set yourself up for long-term career success.


• Stop spinning your wheels and set professional goals that you can actually achieve.
• Identify, reach out to, and learn from mentors, teachers, and advisors to shave years off your learning and avoid painful mistakes.
• Eliminate overwhelm and burnout through a personalized project management system
Identify and signal your skills and expertise to unleash your own personal brand.
• Discover The “Seven Deadly Sins of Networking” that kill your chances of building a world-class network—and how to avoid them.
• Tap into your own personal network and get introductions influential people—even if you hate “networking.”
• Make people want to work with you—even if you hate “pitching.”

Whether you’re an employee, a business owner, an academic, a student, or an aspiring “digital nomad,” this book gives you the steps to set up your own system for professional success.


From the Publisher How to Get Ahead


Zak Slayback is a career expert, writer, and venture capital professional. He writes at and creates career development material at He’s a principal at 1517 Fund, a venture capital fund that invests in technology companies run by young founders working outside of tracked institutions like academia. His writing and strategies have appeared in Fast Company, Newsweek, The Muse, and the New York Observer.


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