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Westwind was originally published on Thursday March 1 1990. My diary entry for that day announces the fact thus: ‘Yes, West Wind was published to ONE review (in the Guardian and very small). Jesus. A flop from the word go.’As you can see, I was not in what is these days referred to as ‘a good place’ in the early months of 1990, as my diary of the time regularly records. Here’s Wednesday February 28: ‘I was wondering today, when will Westwind be published? I knew it was scheduled for March and books are always published on a Thursday. But it can’t be tomorrow surely –Barrie & Jenkins (my publisher at the time) would have been in touch possible sources of publicity. Surely my author’s copies should have arrived? But on returning home a gift bottle of whisky greeted me. Must Be tomorrow then – with so little ceremony!’It’s easy to be sanguine as I look back at my younger self, but I was demonstrably starting to lose belief in my abilities, doubting my future asa publishable writer. I was also slogging my guts out, working a day job in London and trying to find space to write in what free time remained to me.My first Rebus novel, Knots & Crosses, had been published without fanfare in 1987. On May 12 of that year I record in my trusty diary that ‘I Should be doing the satellite novel (Westwind in other words). I’m doing nothing.’ Well, not nothing exactly because at the same time I was also polishing the spy thriller which would appear the following year a Watchman. I was living in Tottenham and working as an assistant at the National Folklore Centre, based at what was then Middlesex Polytechnic.
Unusually for London, this meant I could walk to work. It also gave me access to a computer, while at home I still hammered away on a noisy electric typewriter. Not that the computer, with its large floppy disks, was much use to me – I didn’t know anyone else (my publisher included) who used one. My first Amstrad word processor was still a ways off, while the fax machine in my workplace remained as mysterious to me as the Sphinx.I’m not sure what gave me the idea that a techno-thriller would be my next project.

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Ian Rankin pdf

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