Introduction To Communication Goals Benefits

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Introduction To Communication Goals Benefits

Introduction To Communication Goals Benefits

Hi everybody and welcome to Advanced Ideas presentation on “Winning With Communication.”

Won’t you please give a warm welcome to Professor Paul Cline. This is my good buddy J.J here … he’s our

corporate mascot. Introduction To Communication Goals

Let’s start with a couple of goals.

The first goal is to increase your understanding of how communication works.

That’s a great goal right?

2) How to Improve Your Communication.

I think that’s what everybody is here for. Introduction To Communication Goals Benefits

3) We really want to improve our relationships and our impact on others.

So we’ve got some amazing benefits for you here today.

The first is to say things in such a way that others will ACTUALLY listen to you.

Wouldn’t that be a delightful change?

Next, is to learn how to make your communication more powerful, more impactful.

We also want to improve your relationships.

Communication is the foundation of relationships.

We want you to be more influential to be able to have more impact on people, to be able to convince them,

to make changes, and to motivate them.

We also want to help you get your needs met.

That’s one of the major reasons why people communicate at all.

We also want to create closeness and understanding with others.

I think that’s a beautiful goal to have.

We want you to be more liked, because we work with people and we do business with people we know, LIKE,

and trust. And in our in our social

life, It’s just so much better to be liked.

Next we want to understand others better, so we can understand why they do the things they do, and we

can learn a lot of that, through how they communicate, and also how they miscommunicate.

You’ll see that as we move forward, and ultimately the goal of this training is to help you achieve your


So, I love this graphic here, “Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.”

It really talks to some of the communication errors that we have, and that we’ll be talking about as

we go through the training.

There’s a lot of people who,

You say something, and like in the first example, “hear no evil.”

They can’t seem to hear what you’re saying.

In the second example, “See no evil.”

They hear what you’re saying but they really can’t quite picture it.

They’re not quite getting it.

In the third example, “Speak no evil.”

They’ve had some challenges, they didn’t like something you said.

They want to give you some feedback but what did they do?

Instead, they stay silent.

So, these are the “Three Deadly Sins.” Introduction To Communication Goals Benefits

There are also some of the “Deadly Sins Of Communication,”

and we’ll talk more about that as we move forward in the training.

Remember, master communicators,

know. Write this down.

“To Listen And Understand Before They Try To Speak And Be Heard.”

So a lot of communication is what I call “Intelligence Gathering.”

I want to listen to what people are saying.

I want to get an understanding of their values, their belief systems, how they picture the world,. To get a

full understanding of what’s going on for them, what they’re talking about, the nature of the challenges

that they have, and what they may or may not be open to right? Then,

i’m ok to go forward, and speak, and try to be heard. That way I can do it more impactfully, more intelligently.

So, always gathering information first, Introduction To Communication Goals

and then speaking. Also, when you listen first, people feel like you’re really hearing them.

Well, that’s on account of you are.

So, it’s not an optical illusion,

and when people feel that they’ve been heard, Introduction To Communication Goals

Guess what? Introduction To Communication Goals

They’re much more likely to listen to what you say.

So, no matter how you calculate it, this is the best system for doing it.

Now, here’s a great quote. Introduction To Communication Goals

“Good communication is about creating a bridge between minds”, and I just love this graphic.

Absolutely beautiful, and that’s what you’re doing.

You’re trying to get one mind to communicate with another mind and to truly understand it.

That’s really difficult.

It’s one of the things that we’re going to talk about next, because speaking and actually being understood

are two completely different things.

Let me give you a good example of that. The telephone game is the perfect example.

You give one little phrase and you let it go through around the room through five or six different people

and when it gets back to you, it’s totally miscommunicated. I say

something like Go grab me the stapler and it comes back, beat the lamp with a banana. (LOL)

Now, you think that’s an absurd example but that’s an actual example from one time when I did this with

a group.

It sounds bizarre, but little miscommunications, multiplied across multiple people, will get to become

a massive miscommunication and it happens very quickly.

So, here’s a very simple example of how people can misconstrue what you say, and I’m only going to say

four words.

So, follow me through the graphic, what I said was “You look nice today”. Introduction To Communication Goals

Now, we’re trying to make a very simple communication here. Introduction To Communication Goals

But look what happens when

we look at the section with what they heard. Introduction To Communication Goals

So, my communication was, “You look nice today”. Introduction To Communication Goals

What they heard was, “What, did I look like crap yesterday?”

That’s one way to interpret it, right?. Introduction To Communication Goals

And they are free to interpret what you say, ANY way they want.

So, there’s what you say. Introduction To Communication Goals

And then, there’s their interpretation of it.

So, we keep trying to control the message but we also need to control the interpretation.

Somebody might also say, well, you know, Paul’s just being nice.

Maybe, maybe not.

Maybe that’s sarcasm.

Oh, you look nice today.

Well, you know two can play that game, and they’re going to come back at you.

So, there’s a lot of miscommunication even in the most simple of communications,

but we’re going to teach you how to beat that.

So, fear not.

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