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Little Weirds books to read Jenny Slate pdf 

Jenny Slate pdf

One of my fantasy dimensions is: Strangers on the street see me and think Imight be French. You are a stranger. You see me, and you think that there I am, aFrench Woman. And then you look at me and allow a deeper kind of feeling-sight to occur, and you see past the woman and you sense that I am actually ahomemade Parisian Croissant, and I was born in a kitchen in a house with coolstone floors and deep windowsills that hold the light in the shape of a big box,windowsills that are so deep that they could be a desk. I was born as a breakfastpastry in the fancy part of France and hours after I was born I was still warmfrom the heat of the oven. I knew that my warmth and lovely shape were theresult of thoughtful and gentle work. Oh please feel it: I am the croissant that feltits own heat and curves and wished to become a woman, and I am that womanfrom the wish. Let me be your morning treat with your coffee.


Disregard the fearthat I am too rich to be an ordinary meal. Allow my antique decadence into yourmorning into your mouth. Pair me with jam. Treasure me for my layers andlayers of fragility and richness. Name me after a shape that the moon makes.Have me in a hotel while you are on vacation. Look at me and say, “Oh, I reallyshouldn’t,” just because you want to have me so very much.There are so many times when I want to be here just for your consumption, justto satisfy your appetite. This is what I feel I am intended for—I can’t help it. Anintention was inside of me already when I traveled from infinity to a kitchenwith a windowsill, to a wish, to a woman.

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