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This was their last time together, but Tucker tried not to think about that.He tried instead to focus on the best parts. The speed and rhythm of herbreathing, the feeling of their bare chests pressed together. The little jokeabout whose turn it was to go first. Those awkward moments that madethem both laugh, because there were always awkward moments.His leg cramped. Her arm got stuck. Some ridiculous noise came fromtheir bodies connecting.And then, of course, the end, the end. That was the point, wasn’t it? Hehit it now, his cheek against hers, cresting and crashing into that just-afterhollow, the place where all the lightness and tingling turned heavy, makingTucker wish he could curl up and close his eyes . . .Right away, though, Suzanne was moving and the feeling was gone,replaced by her carefully disengaging from him, whistling some song heknew but couldn’t name.It was a hot, humid day in mid-August, the two of them in hisbasement like always. And like always, she slipped quickly into thebathroom and then back out, getting dressed in front of him, forcing andwriggling her way back into her damp sports bra, her tennis skirt—a shedskin that no longer had the right shape.“You can do it,” Tucker said. “I believe in you.”She told him he was a dork, and he went quiet, watching her fromunder the blanket on the floor, replaying in his mind their last six weekstogether.He’d had classes with Suzanne all through high school, and the two ofthem had been friendly if not exactly friends. Then came that day in July.
Tucker had been getting the mail, and she’d driven right by, then backedup her car to say hello. It turned out her tennis club was down the streetfrom Frank’s house, which was now Tucker’s house too, since his momhad married Frank in June. The two of them had been out that day, andTucker had invited Suzanne inside to drink Gatorade and watchWimbledon on the big TV in the basement.Half a match later, she was kissing him and he was kissing her back.When things had started to get intense, she’d pulled back to say she didn’twant anything serious, not on the cusp of senior year, but maybe she’dkeep coming by? He’d said yes—of course he’d said yes—and by thebeginning of August, Tucker had fumbled his way through losing hisvirginity without even mentioning that it was his first time.Now Suzanne was busy looking through her bag, so Tucker grabbed hisclothes and hurried to the bathroom. He cleaned up, wrapping the condomin a tissue and hiding it in the deepest recesses of the trash can beforetaking a moment to stretch out his shoulder.He’d had three months of physical therapy now and was almost back tonormal, he was sure of it.

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Karen Hattrup pdf

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