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Kate Bennett pdf Being first lady of the United States is, when you think about it, a terriblejob. The role is undefined, often unfulfilling, and unpaid. With it comeimpossible-to-meet expectations from an impatient and critical public thatacts like the worst kind of stage mother, demanding precision andperfection and the adoption of a look that is neither too fashionable nor toobland.A first lady is expected to be smart, but not too outspoken about herviews; kind and empathetic, but not syrupy or weak; aligned with a cause,but not one that is too polarizing or off-putting; supportive of thepresident, but not a Stepford wife; traditional, but not old-fashioned. It’s abit of an oxymoron, the first lady, because the Constitution assigns her noformal role in the executive branch, yet she is supposed to be a role modeland a leader, simply because of the man she married. If she does nothing,she’s criticized. If she does too much, she’s assuming responsibilities ofthe president. Frank Bruni, an opinion columnist for The New York Times,recently described the role of first lady to me like this: “If theadministration is a sedan, the first lady would be the hood ornament. If itwas a mansion, the first lady would be the topiary bushes bracketing thefront stoop.”Most first ladies with a bold personality have hidden it, adopting apersona instead. Barbara Bush was a dominating matriarch with fiery
opinions, but America preferred to see her as a white-haired grandmotherwho liked pearl necklaces and straw hats. She went with it. Nancy Reaganwas Ronald Reagan’s frosty second wife, slim and chic and upper-crust.She embraced it. Hillary Clinton, a culturally inclined woman,spearheaded the redecoration of the Blue Room; added a sculpture gardento the White House, which was viewed by thousands of visitors; andchampioned the display of American arts and crafts, but she was publiclyknown as a tough, careerist woman who intruded in her husband’sadministration.

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