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Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusionsof our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of hisyouth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside andquiet home!—Charles Dickens


Two words:


“Merry Christmas”; or perhaps “Happy Christmas” if such fitsyour geographic predilection. Two words so full of promise but all too oftenrelegated to commonplace by the jingling bells of wanting that accompany theseason. Yet for those most fortunate few who stumble across its underlyingsignificance, “Merry Christmas” becomes a treasure trove of goodwill—amiraculous gift waiting just beyond the oft-hollow words, to be opened andenjoyed by all who comprehend it.To fully understand the inherent goodness of the occasion, you must firstexperience a real Christmas. When that occurs it becomes far more than justanother holiday or a prolonged shopping spree. Christmas becomes a part of you,an ideal, and a desire to put the happiness of others ahead of your own. Itbecomes, in short, a paper bag.A paper bag? Yes, precisely. But not just any paper bag, mind you. Itbecomes a weathered, wrinkled, dirty paper bag, the kind you’d just as soonthrow out with yesterday’s trash if you didn’t know its history. A paper bag sosoiled and lowly that it could only be used for one final purpose: as a lasting andirreplaceable reminder of why we celebrate at all.Sadly, only a lucky few will ever encounter the likes of a real Christmas andthe lasting joy it brings. Fewer still are lucky enough to know firsthand about thepaper bag.
I am one of the lucky ones.The day after Thanksgiving in 1980 marked the beginning of my first realChristmas. As a nine-year-old boy I had certainly celebrated the revered holidayplenty of times before, but that particular Christmas was the first one that reallymattered. It was the type of experience that makes you wish Christmas wascelebrated all year long, the kind that makes people forget about life’simperfections and focus instead on its greatest treasures. For me it was adefining moment, one that has shaped and molded the very fabric of my soul.I’M MOLAR ALAN, and this is my story. It is as real to me as the Santa of myyouth, and I share it with an enduring hope that you will carry its messagebeyond the realm of reindeer, elves, or toys and embed it deep in your heartwhere the distractions and disappointments of life can’t enter, where the worldlycan look but not touch, and where the rich in spirit can come and go at will.As with many Christmas stories, mine began on Santa’s lap. But this was noordinary Santa, and he had anything but an ordinary lap.

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