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The House of Brady When Vince Gilligan decided to set the penultimate episode of The X-Filesinside the Brady Bunch house, his show’s cast, crew, writers, and producers were excited. Given the storyteller’s attention to detail, his cohorts knewthe setting needed to look exactly like the real thing. When the real thin gwasn’t available—the owner of the Los Angeles split-level that was usedfor the exterior of the Brady home in the 1969–74 ABC comedy didn’twant the hassle of accommodating the production—Gilligan did the next-best thing. The future Emmy-winning creator of New Golden Age of Television classics Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul reworked the episode, titled “Sunshine Days,” to focus on the equally iconic interior ofthe Brady family homestead, and tasked the X-Files production team withre-creating it meticulously.That weird horse statue that sat on a credenza near the living room staircase? Check. The vase Peter broke when he ignored Carol Brady’s ruleto not play ball in the house? Check, even though the props departmenthad to grab some clay and fashion a knockoff guided by photo stills the ycaptured while watching videotapes of the episode when an exact replicacould not be found. The staircase itself, the living room doorway that ledinto Mike Brady’s home office, the attic bedroom where Greg hung hisgroovy beaded curtain after sister Marcia magnanimously let him claim the space and be the only Brady kid to enjoy the privacy of a solo bedroom? Check, check, and check. Gilligan and company had pulled offthis spectacular rebuild of the TV home, and they’d done it with an assist
directly from the Brady universe.“Sunshine Days” wouldn’t have been possible without getting the permission of Brady Bunch creator and copyright owner Sherwood Schwartz, who also created Gilligan’s Island. The coincidence of a mannamed Gilligan now readying to pay homage to his other classic sitcom both surprised and tickled Schwartz.

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Kimberly Potts pdf

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