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The Witches Are Coming Lindy West pdf

Lindy West pdf

Introduction: They Let You Do It
Choosing the Lie
Is Adam Sandler Funny?
Ted Bundy Was Not Charming—Are You High?
How to Be a Girl
Always Meet Your Heroes
Do, Make, Be, Barf
A Giant Douche Is a Good Thing if You’re a Giant
Gear Swap
Obsolescence Is a Preventable Disease
What Is an Abortion, Anyway?
Leave Hell to the Devils
Anger Is a Weapon
Magic Isn’t Magic
The World Is Good and Worth Fighting For
Long Live the Port Chester Whooping Cranes
Tomorrow Is the First Day




This book would not exist without the brilliance and unflagging support ofRachel Dry, Gary Morris, Samantha Irby, Amelia Bonow, Guy Branum, AngelaGarbes, Lauren Hoffman, Martha Plimpton, Mary Ann Naples, Mauro DiPreta,Michelle Aielli, Jason Richman, Krishan Trotman, the Shrill TV team, theHachette Books team, all my precious bros, Musashi’s, Dough Zone, CantonWonton House, Vientiane Asian Grocery, Beard Papa, SweeTarts, Dill PickleSpitz, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Classic, coffee, water, milk, whippedcream, and my dear family: mom, dad, Charley, Penelope, Ijeoma, Jacque, Basil,Susan, and Ahamefule J. Oluo most of all. Words are inadequate to express mythanks. Not a single all-nighter was pulled during the writing of this book, andfor that I thank myself. Maybe people really can change.

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