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“Deceptively lighthearted and delightfully written, All the Good Parts is thestory of a woman of a certain age, pondering a dream with a time stamp: that ofbecoming a mother. Should she or shouldn’t she? What’s best for her? Whoshould the father be? Everyone weighs in on the question: her sister, her brother-in-law, her niece. Even her home health care clients. But the hilarity of choosingamong some mighty unusual suspects is tempered with compassion and wisdomthat speaks to the very heart of what matters—of what makes us matter toourselves and each other. And the clincher? What takes All the Good Parts overthe top into must-read territory? There’s a twist near the end that will leave youbreathless.”—Barbara Taylor Sissel, author of Crooked Little Lies“All the Good Parts by Loretta Nyhan is a tender, warmhearted, and fast-pacedstory of a family finding its way through an uncertain time for everyone.Nyhan’s writing delicately balances the stress and love felt between sistersLeona and Carly. Nyhan also examines the intricate dynamics of Leona’sunusual friendships. These pivotal relationships are the story’s backdrop asLeona decides if she’s going to have a baby on her own at thirty-nine. I laughed,I cried, and I cheered as Leona fought herself and others, stumbled, and in theend became a better version of herself—which is always a good thing, baby ornot. I read this book way past my bedtime.”—Amy Sue Nathan, author of The Good Neighbor“Leona Accorsi, thirty-nine, suddenly decides she wants a baby, simply to love.The decision leads her on a journey of self-discovery and puts a unique twist onthe idea of looking for love in all the wrong places. Her funny, tender, andheartfelt interactions with each of the not necessarily appropriate people on hershort list of potential daddy donors all ultimately bring her to new insights aboutherself. The story kept me smiling and wondering, What’s going to happennext?! from the first scene to the very satisfying finish.”—Jackie Bouchard, author of House Trained and Rescue Me, Maybe
“Quirky and laugh-out-loud funny, we loved All the Good Parts! Nyhan had usat page 1 with this unique yet relatable story of the deep bonds between sistersand family and the yearning for motherhood. Readers who want to be swept upand taken on an emotional roller coaster will love All the Good Parts!”—Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, authors of The Year We Turned Forty and TheStatus of All Things“All the Good Parts is wildly original and features a mixture of heartfelt andlaugh-out-loud moments. The main character’s quest for motherhood is poignantand relatable . . . [but] it’s the ensuing complexities that arise as the maincharacter tries to find a suitable daddy donor from a varied potential list thatmake this story hard to put down.”—RT Book Reviews (4 stars)“[Nyhan] creates an original and endearing contemporary heroine in LeonaAccorsi . . . [Her] novel tells a surprising, sweet, and unconventional story aboutfamily and friendship.”—Booklist

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