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Rose and Grant had heard all the possible variations on the joke that no one read the paper anymore. Anyone looking to take them down a peg ortwo would have to dig deeper for an insult. (For Grant, mention his lategrowth spurt. For Rose, imply plagiarism.)“If it’s true that no one reads us,” Rose said, perched on Grant’s editor-in-chief desk in the Gazette room, “then why do you care what we publish?”Grant smiled from his seat at the desk behind her. Vice-Principal Hacken strat, the newspaper’s nominal adviser, stood in the doorwaywearing a wrinkled suit and holding the proof pages that the Gazette wasrequired to run past him before sending the issue to the printer. It was the last issue of the year, affectionately known as the grad issue, and since Rose and Grant were juniors, it was the first issue they’d worked on since Grant had taken over as editor in chief.They hadn’t discussed it, but both of them were willing to be expelledover the contents of the paper, though they suspected it wouldn’t come tothat. Hacken strat didn’t have nearly the same investment in his side of the argument; he was doomed before he began.The vice-principal rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand. “You can’t write this. You’re advocating for leaving our school vulnerable.”
“No, we’re refusing to endorse your ridiculous plan to invade students’ privacy,” Rose said. “That’s not the same thing.”“It’s not ridiculous.” Hack enstrat waved the papers to emphasize his words, but the pages flapped in his face. “After what happened in Columbine, at Virginia Tech, at Sandy Hook—”“Those are all awful tragedies,” Grant interrupted him. “But weal ready do lock down drills, like every other school in the state. No one else does what you’re suggesting.”“If you’re innocent, you have nothing to worry about,” Hacken strat said.

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Maggie Lehrman pdf

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