Make Their Day! by Cindy by Cindy Ventrice Review 2019


Make Their Day! by Cindy Ventrice by Cindy Ventrice Review 2019 Read books online

Make Their Day! by Cindy by Cindy Ventrice Review 2019

Recognition That Works


Please, not another T-shirt!” “I resent the money that’s spent to purchase doodads. Itcould be spent much more wisely.” “Certificates of appreciation? I hate the damn things.” I assume this isn’t the reaction you expect from recognition.Yet, if you depend on your organization to fulfill your employ-ees’ need for recognition, there is a good chance that youremployees would express similar opinions.According to a former employee of one technology company:“Our company offered the Terrific Employee Award.Everyone thought it was a cheesy name. People didn’tknow why they were being awarded. It became a joke.The CEO never got involved. No one but HR took it seri-ously. They solicited employees for nominations and gotso few responses they eventually gave up and selectedsomeone themselves. The awards were gift certificates.They were nice, but without meaning. Make Their Day! by Cindy by Cindy Ventrice Review 2019


Missing the Mark


When you think of recognition, what comes to mind? Do youthink of raises, bonuses, stock awards, gift certificates, parties,prizes, and plaques? Many managers view these things as recog-nition, but they are wrong. Employees see it differently. According to employees, 57 percent of the most meaningful recognition is free!That’s right: in an international survey in 2007, I found that 57 per-cent of the most meaningful recognition doesn’t even cost a dollar!Like the person in the last example, employees are lookingfor meaning, not things. They see tangible awards as a vehicle fordelivering recognition, but they don’t regard the awards them-selves as recognition. They’re much more interested in the under-lying message behind the reward. Your employees are strong believers in the old saying “It’s thethought that counts.” For awards to count as recognition, youremployees need to see acknowledgment of their specific accom-plishments and sincere appreciation of their personal value to theorganization. The following examples will illustrate why recogni-tion often misses the mark.


Perks Aren’t Recognition


The director of a small nonprofit agency hosts a dinner ona Friday night for employees and volunteers. Everyone hasa great time and goes back to work the following Mondayfeeling refreshed and energized. The director planned thisevent as a form of recognition. Although it was fun andboosted morale, it wasn’t recognition; it was a perk—a lit-tle something extra. Make Their Day! by Cindy by Cindy Ventrice Review 2019

To add an element of recognition, the director canannounce that the dinner is a way of thanking the group forsomething they have accomplished; for example, “We servedten thousand clients this year, and we couldn’t have done itwithout your help.” She can include an after-dinner presenta-tion during which she tells detailed stories about the specificways in which employees and volunteers helped accomplishthis feat. Her message will provide the recognition.Bonuses Aren’t RecognitionThe owner of an insurance agency gives holiday bonuses.They come in handy when employees head out to do theirlast-minute shopping. Employees appreciate the bonus butdon’t see it as recognition. They expect it and feel entitledto it. Many have already budgeted for it, and if it is lessthan they anticipated, employees are resentful. If the bonusis more than was expected, they’re pleasantly surprised butfigure they must have earned it. The owner of the agency thinks the bonuses are a formof recognition, but employees don’t agree. To providerecognition, the owner needs to tie the bonuses to anachievement. But that isn’t enough. He also needs to statethat the bonuses are his way of showing appreciation:“Our customer service ratings are up 10 percent over lastyear. That increase has helped us better position ourselvesin the market. I know we couldn’t have done it without allof your hard work, and I want to show my appreciation bygiving each of you this bonus.” Without the tie-in and thestatement of appreciation, the bonus is just another way inwhich employees get paid. Make Their Day! by Cindy by Cindy Ventrice Review 2019

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