Marion G Harmon Audiobook Wearing the Cape [4-6]


Marion G Harmon Audiobook has read and written all of his life (well, ever since first grade). He finished his first novel, Wearing the Cape, in 2010, and after failing to find an agent who knew what to do with a superhero story, decided to self-publish (mainly so he’d stop rewriting the book). He published through KDP and Createspace in mid 2011 with some success; Wearing the Cape earned a 4.5 star Amazon rating and spent most of 2012 ranked #1 in its Amazon category.


Wearing the Cape [4-6] Marion G Harmon Audiobook


Marion has since written seven more novels set in the same world (Bite Me: Big Easy Nights, Villains Inc., Young Sentinels, Small Town Heroes, Ronin Games, Team-Ups and Crossovers, and Recursion), astonished each time at the enthusiastic response of his readers. He has also produced Wearing the Cape: The Roleplaying Game, a tabletop RPG for readers who wish to adventure as capes in the world he has made. He swears that someday he will finally finish his deeply unserious space epic, Worst Contact. Really.

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04 Small Town Heroes Small Town Heroes Wearing the Cape, Book 4.m4a



05 Ronin Games Ronin Games Wearing the Cape Series, Book 5.m4a



06 Team-Ups & Crossovers Team-Ups & Crossovers Wearing the Cape Series, Book 6.m4a



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