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Mark Williams Thomas pdf BLOOD CRIES OUT FROM THEGROUND’WHEN SOMEONE DIES, THEY TAKE THEIR SECRETS TO THE grave. If the deathinvolves a missing person, or a dead body is found somewhere,investigators – me, the police – start with this absence; we have to workback through the last days, weeks or months of this person’s life. Piecingtogether half-remembered conversations from witnesses, where the victimwent, who they saw, what they did. Slowly we assemble a mosaic of thelife that’s gone, witnessing their joy and their boredom, stepping warilythrough minefields of sexual desire, rejection, loneliness and unhappiness.Often we trace threads which unravel to nothing of consequence; but wealways aim to tug on one that yields a result.When a person meets a sudden, violent end, those closest to them –friends, family, colleagues – often end up learning more about thedeceased than they might have liked. Much more, perhaps. The victim’sprivate life gets laid bare in a way they probably wouldn’t have wantedwhen they were alive. Sometimes with good reason – their lifestyle mayhave been a contributing factor to their death. Their sexuality, the peoplewith whom they mixed, the places they went, the drugs they consumed;they would have kept all these things to themselves, hidden from theirfamilies. These details, however – even if they weren’t direct causes of aperson’s death – are all important parts of an investigation.A case, for me, usually begins with the words: ‘You’re my last hope.’More often than not, it’s the first thing I hear from a new client. For
whatever reason, the police, the justice system, the authorities have allfailed them. They’ve been let down.

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