Mazur Learning 8th ed by James E. Mazur Kindle, PDF 2019


Mazur Learning and Behavior 8th ed 2017 by James E. Mazur Kindle, PDF 2019


This book reviews how people and animals learn and how their behaviors are changed as a result of learning.Mazur Learning 8th ed by James E. Mazur It describes the most important principles, theories, controversies, and experiments that pertain to learning and behavior that are applicable to diverse species and different learning situations. Real-world examples and analogies make the concepts and theories more concrete and relevant to students. Thoroughly updated, each chapter features many new studies and references that reflect recent developments in the field.

Highlights of the new edition include:

-A new text design with more illustrations, photos, and tables.

-In the Media, Spotlight on Research, and Applying the Research boxes that highlight recent applications of learning principles in psychology, education, sports, and the workplace.

-Discussions of recent developments in the growing field of neuroscience.

– Coverage of various theoretical perspectives to the study of learning—behavioral, cognitive, and physiological.

– Expanded coverage of emerging topics such as the behavioral economics of addictions, disordered gambling, and impulsivity.

– A website at where instructors will find a test bank, Powerpoint slides, and Internet links. Students will find practice questions, definitions of key terms, chapter outlines, and Internet sources for additional information.

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