Murder at Larkfield Barn by Betty Rowlands 2019

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Murder at Larkfield Barn by Betty Rowlands Kindle PDF 2019

Bright mornings and brisk walks…. Spring has arrived in the Cotswolds.Murder at Larkfield Barn by Betty Rowlands But the atmosphere is positively wintery in Upper Benbury after a series of murders shake the close-knit community.

Since her move to the country, Melissa Craig has become firmly established in village life. So, when one of the older residents fails to show up for a drinks party, Melissa goes to check on her. What she finds chills her to the bone: Her dear neighbor has been murdered, and the killer has painted a hideous smile onto her face….

Melissa soon realizes that the death in her village bears the same trademark as a series of recent murders in the Cotswolds. When will The Smiler strike again?

With a dangerous killer on the loose, Melissa realizes she needs to solve this case quickly. But as she starts to look closely at the people around her, she realizes the killer may be closer to home than she could ever have imagined. What dark secrets are the villagers of Upper Benbury hiding? And can Melissa crack this deadly case before another life is taken?

Do you love murder mysteries by Agatha Christie, Faith Martin, and P.D. James? If so, then you won’t be able to put down this gripping novel!

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