(PDF) A Sense of the Enemy by Zachary Shore PDF Review


(PDF) A Sense of the Enemy by Zachary Shore PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) A Sense of the Enemy by Zachary Shore PDF Review

More than 2,000 years ago the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu advised us to know our enemies. The question has always been how. In A Sense of the Enemy, the historian Zachary Shore demonstrates that leaders can best understand an opponent not simply from his pattern of past behavior, but from his behavior at pattern breaks. Meaningful pattern breaks occur during dramatic deviations from the routine, when the enemy imposes costs upon himself. It’s at these unexpected moments, Shore explains, that successful leaders can learn what makes their rivals truly tick. Shore presents a uniquely revealing history of 20th-century conflict. With vivid, suspenseful prose, he takes us into the minds of statesmen, to see how they in turn tried to enter the minds of others. In the process, he shows how this type of mind-reading, which he calls “strategic empathy,” shaped matters of war and peace. Mahatma Gandhi, for instance, was an excellent strategic empath. In the wake of a British massacre of unarmed Indian civilians, how did Gandhi know that nonviolence could ever be effective? And what of Gustav Stresemann, the 21-year-old Wunderkind Ph.D., who rose from lobbyist for chocolate makers to Chancellor of Germany. How did he manage to resurrect his nation to great power status after its humiliating loss in World War One? One key to all these leaders’ triumphs came from the enemy’s behavior at pattern breaks. Drawing on research from the cognitive sciences, and tapping multilingual, multinational sources, Shore has crafted an innovative history of the last century’s most pivotal moments, when lives and nations were on the line. Through this curious study of strategic empathy, we gain surprising insights into how great leaders think. (PDF) A Sense of the Enemy by Zachary




“Deeply researched, well argued, and often convincing….Offers an intriguing and fresh interpretation of some of recent history’s best-known and most important global conflicts.”–Publishers Weekly

“What Zachary Shore refers to as ‘strategic empathy’ is a vitally important concept in international affairs, and he is to be lauded for this intelligent, discerning, and engagingly written book.”–Fredrik Logevall, author of Embers of War, winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for History

“Zachary Shore articulates a provocative and compelling argument about a crucial yet understudied issue lying at the heart of decision making–how to read one’s rivals. The analysis is developed in the context of artfully chosen, snappily written, historical case studies that make for captivating reading in and of themselves. This work will be of significant value and interest to scholars and policy makers alike.”–Aviel Roshwald, author of The Endurance of Nationalism. (PDF) A Sense of the Enemy by Zachary

“A Sense of the Enemy will reward all readers concerned with foreign-policy strategy.”–Michigan War Studies Review


About the Author


Zachary Shore is an Associate Professor of History at the Naval Postgraduate School. He is the author of What Hitler Knew, Breeding Bin Ladens, and Blunder. (PDF) A Sense of the Enemy by Zachary

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