(PDF) Abba’s Abba Gold by Elisabeth Vincentelli PDF Review


(PDF) Abba’s Abba Gold by Elisabeth Vincentelli PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) Abba’s Abba Gold by Elisabeth Vincentelli PDF Review

Perhaps more than any other Greatest Hits compilation, Abba Gold has come to define a band’s career on one disk. More than that, its release in 1992 heralded the critical rehabilitation of a group which had, since its demise a decade earlier, become little more than a memory of trashy costumes and cheesy tunes to many people. (PDF) Abba’s Abba Gold

Here, Elisabeth Vincentelli charts the circumstances surrounding the birth of Abba Gold, looks at the impact it had on the music world, and tells the stories behind some of the greatest pop songs ever recorded. (PDF) Abba’s Abba Gold


Meat is Murder


Full of mordant wit and real heartache. A dead-on depiction of what it feels likewhen pop music articulates your pain with an elegance you could never hope tomuster. ’Meat is Murder’ does a brilliant job of capturing how, in a world thatdoesn’t care, listening to your favorite album can save your life—ThePhiladelphia InquirerPernice hits his mark. The well-developed sense of character, plot and pacingshows that he has serious promise as a novelist. His emotionally precise imagerycan be bluntly, chillingly personal—The Boston Weekly DigThe Piper at the Gates of DawnJohn Cavanagh combines interviews with early associates of Pink Floyd andrecording-studio nitty-gritty to vividly capture the first and last flush of SydBarrett’s psychedelic genius on the Floyd’s ’67 debut—Rolling StonePacked with interviews and great stories … will certainly give you a newperspective on Pink Floyd— Erasing Clouds


The Visitors


For most Abba fans, the best-album vote is tied between Super Trouper andThe Visitors. The latter, released in November 1981, is the band’s last andarguably its most melancholic studio album. But it did not yield any large-scalehits and so it’s represented by a single song on Gold: “One of Us.” (In the 1992Gold liner notes, Tobler wrote that “A few smaller hit singles extracted from thealbum kept Abba’s name in both the chart and the public eye,” but in truth “Oneof Us” was the only real hit on the record.) So, one of the full-lengths held inhighest esteem by fans and critics barely makes an impression on thecompilation that shaped the second part of Abba’s career.

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