(PDF) Ahead of the Curve by Philip Delves PDF Review


(PDF) Ahead of the Curve by Philip Delves Broughton PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) Ahead of the Curve by Philip Delves PDF Review



“I don’t know what you think of Philip, but right now, for you, he’s just Philip.”The dean of Harvard Business School and ninety of my classmates werelooking straight toward me. At that very moment, I was trying to corral acollapsing chicken salad sandwich and looking very “just Philip” indeed. Wewere a few weeks into the MBA course, and Dean Kim Clark had come to ourclassroom this lunchtime to introduce himself and take questions. He was agaunt, devout Mormon in his late fifties who spoke with the authority of theprophets, quiet but commanding.“When I first came into this classroom as a young professor to teach, therewas a guy called Jack sitting there. He’s now Jack Brennan, head of Vanguard.Over there was a former Dartmouth football player, Jeff. Jeff Immelt is now thechief executive of General Electric. Over there was Donna, Donna Dubinskywho became the CEO of Palm.”A switch seemed to have been flipped in our windowless basement classroom.You could feel the hum of ambition. Ninety students in five rows arranged in ahorseshoe facing the blackboard, all of them, even the one now lickingmayonnaise and chicken off his pencil, thinking: Will I be the one they mentionin twenty-five years? Will a future dean address the class of 2031 saying, “Inthat seat was Susan. She was shy of speaking in class but now she’s running thelargest hedge fund in the world. Tom over there became CEO of Google. AndPhilip. Well. How many billions should one man have?”We were all looking at each other, wondering.I first set foot on the campus of Harvard Business School one sultry evening in
August 2004. My wife, Margret, and our one-year-old son, Augie, were stayingin New York until our possessions arrived from France, where we had beenliving for the previous two and a half years. I knew no one at the school amongthe students or on the faculty. For the first time in a decade, I had neither anemployer nor a job title and no monthly paycheck. Around two hundred studentswith little or no background in business had been summoned early to thebusiness school for a course formally known as Analytics, less formally as MathCamp. The goal was to bring us up to speed with the remaining seven hundredmembers of our class who would arrive in three weeks. They, the schoolassumed, had spent enough time over the past few years handcuffed to theirlaptops churning out financial models and corporate PowerPoint presentations toknow the basics. We, on the other hand, would have to undergo a compressedversion of the first-year course known as the RC, the required curriculum. Wewould be introduced to the HBS case method of teaching and, it was hoped, beless intimidated when the first year proper began.After registering, I was given a folder containing the case studies for the firstweek and told to report in fifteen minutes to a conference room in Spangler, thevast neo-Georgian building that forms the heart of the campus, to meet my studygroup. I went outside into the treacly warmth, found a bench close to the tenniscourts, pulled out the first of hundreds of cases I would soon confront, and beganto read. The entire HBS curriculum is made of case studies, business situationsdrawn from real life. The question you are expected to answer in each one is:What would you do? There are no right or wrong answers to these problems. Inmany cases the actions taken by the case protagonists turn out to be disastrous.The only thing that matters is how you think about the problems, how you dealwith the paucity of information, the uncertainty. The hope is that long after theminutiae of accounting or bond pricing have faded to a blur, you will be left witha distinctive way of thinking and making decisions. Cases are written bymembers of the faculty and can range in length from a couple of pages to morethan thirty. They generally include a dramatic narrative that sets up the situation,an analysis of the business under discussion, and several pages of exhibits,charts, tables, pictures, and any additional text required to illustrate the problem.My first case began: “Once upon a time many, many years ago, there lived afeudal landlord in a small province of Western Europe. The landlord, BaronCoburg, lived in a castle high on a hill. He was responsible for the well-being ofmany peasants who occupied the lands surrounding his castle.”(PDF) Ahead of the Curve by Philip

(PDF) Ahead of the Curve by Philip (PDF) Ahead of the Curve by Philip

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