(PDF) Cybersecurity Leadership by Mansur Hasib PDF Review


(PDF) Cybersecurity Leadership by Mansur Hasib PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) Cybersecurity Leadership by Mansur Hasib PDF Review

Widely acclaimed and cited by practitioners and scholars alike as the definitive book on cybersecurity leadership and governance, Cybersecurity Leadership was named one of the best books of all time by BookAuthority. Authored by Multiple Global Award Winner: 2017 People’s Choice Award in Cybersecurity; 2017 Information Governance Expert of the Year; 2017 (ISC)2 Americas ISLA Award for Graduate Cybersecurity Technology Program at UMUC. (PDF) Cybersecurity Leadership by Mansur Hasib PDF Review

“The book defines cybersecurity … It also continues to expand on the three key tenets of people, policy and technology. Hasib does well at describing such complex topics as the seven essential functions of a CIO, the challenges that occur when organizations place the CIO as a direct report to the CFO, and why the CIO and CISO must have a mutually supportive relationship. …” – – excerpt from review by DaMon Ross.

“Dr. Mansur Hasib brings an executive MBA to technology professionals in one book in Cybersecurity Leadership: Powering the Modern Organization. It is a significant reference book for leadership in any organization; however, it specifically addresses the challenges unique to technology and cybersecurity. The book provides a business-level understanding of cybersecurity and critical leadership principles for interdisciplinary organizational leaders and technology professionals. …” – excerpt from review by Dawn-Marie Hutchinson.

“Every sitting and aspiring CIO and CISO should read this book. As I read the book, I had frequent flashbacks to my past experiences as the FBI CIO and as a Wall Street executive. “Cybersecurity Leadership” is a holistic approach and roadmap for leaders to ponder and to follow as they strive to build a world class organization and an effective cyber program. Most of the lessons parallel what I’ve done in practice while others stimulate and almost mandate a lively conversation.” – Chad Fulgham, Former CIO, FBI and one of the most respected global thought leaders.

“Mansur has a unique perspective since he has served as a CIO. If you are a newly appointed CIO/CISO, or if you are looking for those jobs, this is a book worth reading. It is well researched, a lot of personal experience and is a pretty quick read at 165 pages ..” – Stephen Northcutt, Director Academic Programs, SANS Institute.

“… not just a book, but a go to manual on how to lead in the 21st century. From his model for CEO to his intuitive insights on electronic medium in healthcare is on target. If you are looking for answers to fundamental questions on management, leadership and ethics, this book is a must read. Thank you for sharing your years of experience with us.” – Wayne Richards – Former graduate student.

“Mansur Hasib is the ‘Peter Drucker” of Cyber Security ..” – Todd Bell, CISO, Board Advisor, International Cybersecurity Expert.

“I’ve had the pleasure of taking Dr. Hasib’s class and learning about both Cybersecurity Management and Ethical Leadership. In an ever changing field, there are certain principles that we can apply consistently. Dr. Hasib covers these principles and does it in a way that (is) easy to learn and understand ..” – B. Avery Greene – Former graduate student.

“..The dynamic of his classroom was so different than any class I’ve had. He is paving the way for future CEO’s CISO’s and entrepreneurs and is making a direct positive impact for cybersecurity students. Even though my background is not very technical, I was able to fully comprehend and excel in his classroom .. ” -Sarah Purdum – Former graduate student.

“…explains what an organization needs to know to implement cybersecurity governance.” Council of Graduate Schools Testimony at the US Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting, April 29, 2014.

“…this book will change both the way we think about leadership and the way we understand information technology. I recommend this book highly to everyone.” – Eric Schwartz – Executive Director at Advena World LLC.




“This book would be extremely useful for aspiring CISO’s … ” – Dennis Devlin – CISO, CPO, and Sr. VP, Savanture, former CISO, George Washington University and Brandeis University. (PDF) Cybersecurity Leadership by Mansur
“One of the best Cybersecurity books of all time” – BookAuthority

“What’s the biggest challenge facing cybersecurity for companies and organizations? “Often it’s their own people,” said Mansur Hasib, author of “Cybersecurity Leadership” which was released this spring.” – American News Report, April 22, 2014. (PDF) Cybersecurity Leadership by Mansur

“As an expert on cybersecurity, Dr. Mansur Hasib says consumers’ need for their personal information to be kept confidential and safe will be better served when health care companies make creating healthcare communities a priority.” – World Congress

“Hasib has really captured and exposes the common faults with which we are all struggling in this industry. It’s humorous (I think I was laughing at my own experiences here), engaging, and I feel helps a reader question their own approaches. I was originally looking for a compendium that works as collateral reading for Cyber Security training courses, and I found it. I genuinely recommend this work tool.” – David Bickel – Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, State of Maryland. (PDF) Cybersecurity Leadership by Mansur

“Author Mansur Hasib 84G provides practical leadership ideas for executives in any organization” – Emorywire, Emory University Alumni Association. (PDF) Cybersecurity Leadership by Mansur

“I encourage anyone searching for leadership skills to read Cybersecurity Leadership” – Monyana F, aspiring student of cybersecurity.

“Hasib references DHIN as a strong example of how a health information exchange can help improve care and also have a business model that makes it financially self-sustaining. Dr. Hasib has been a leader in IT and cybersecurity for many years.” – Delaware Health Information Network


From the Author


Leadership, governance and people are critical to cybersecurity. That is the focus of my research and what I shared in this book. I also shared my observations and analysis of industry transformations powered through technology and cybersecurity. If you apply the principles and guidance in this book in your own work and organization, I believe you will be a successful leader and your organization will achieve a high degree of innovation and productivity. Do let me know how you applied this book in your own work. Thank you for your support. (PDF) Cybersecurity Leadership by Mansur

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