(PDF) Hitler’s Death Luke Daly-Groves PDF Review


(PDF) Hitler’s Death Luke Daly-Groves PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) Hitler’s Death Luke Daly-Groves PDF Review

In Hitler’s Death, author and expert Luke Daly-Groves rigorously looks at the question: Did Hitler shoot himself in the Führerbunker or did he slip past the Soviets and escape to South America? Countless documentaries, newspaper articles, and internet pages written by conspiracy theorists have led the ongoing debate surrounding Hitler’s last days. Historians have not yet managed to make a serious response. Until now.

This book is the first attempt by an academic to return to the evidence of Hitler’s suicide in order to scrutinise the most recent arguments of conspiracy theorists using scientific methods. Through analysis of recently declassified MI5 files, previously unpublished sketches of Hitler’s bunker, personal accounts of intelligence officers along with stories of shoot-outs, plunder and secret agents, this rigorously researched book takes on the doubters to tell the full story of how Hitler died. (PDF) Hitler’s Death Luke




“An incisive new book by Luke Daly-Groves has come to the aid of those determined to tell the truth with a brilliant demolition of the conspiracists.” ―The Mail on Sunday

“Luke Daly-Groves offers a well-written, comprehensive and very convincing case against the idea Hitler may have survived death in 1945.” ―Professor Frank McDonough, Professor of International History, Liverpool John Moores University, author of ‘The Gestapo: The Myth and Reality of Hitler’s Secret Police’. (PDF) Hitler’s Death Luke

“Not only timely and important, but also a highly readable account that demolishes the junk history surrounding Hitler’s death with formidable and forensic research.” ―Guy Walters, author of ‘Hunting Evil’. (PDF) Hitler’s Death Luke

“… a brilliant analysis of the final hours of the Fuhrer, a factual account that reads as extraordinary as a fable, addressing the many theories and conspiracies that have arisen over a half-century of speculation. It searches out all the ghosts.” ―Alexander Theroux

“In a fascinating analysis seasoned with wry humour, Luke Daly-Groves applies scholarly rigour and a formidable array of fresh evidence to a topic all too often mired in sensationalism and fantasy.” ―Dr Jonathan Colman, Senior Lecturer in International History, University of Central Lancashire.


About the Author


Luke Daly-Groves is a Ph.D. researcher based at the University of Leeds. His doctoral research analyzes Anglo-American intelligence relations in occupied Germany. In 2015 he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with First Class Honours in History from the University of Central Lancashire and was awarded the Sydney Lee Prize for History. In 2016 he was awarded the degree of Master of Arts in Modern History with Distinction from the University of Leeds. His M.A. dissertation won the Marion Sharples Prize. He lives in the UK.

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