(PDF) JavaScript Cloud Native Development Cookbook


(PDF) JavaScript Cloud Native Development Cookbook John Gilbert PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) JavaScript Cloud Native Development Cookbook

Master over 60 recipes to help you deliver completely scalable and serverless cloud-native applications
Key Features. (PDF) JavaScript Cloud Native

Develop global scale and event-driven autonomous services
Continuously deploy, test, observe, and optimize your services
Practical Node.js recipes for serverless cloud-native development


Book Description


Cloud-native development is a modern approach to building and running applications that leverages the merits of the cloud computing model. With cloud-native development, teams can deliver faster and in a more lean and agile manner as compared to traditional approaches. This recipe-based guide provides quick solutions for your cloud-native applications.

Beginning with a brief introduction, JavaScript Cloud-Native Development Cookbook guides you in building and deploying serverless, event-driven, cloud-native microservices on AWS with Node.js. You’ll then move on to the fundamental patterns of developing autonomous cloud-native services and understand the tools and techniques involved in creating globally scalable, highly available, and resilient cloud-native applications. The book also covers multi-regional deployments and leveraging the edge of the cloud to maximize responsiveness, resilience, and elasticity.

In the latter chapters you’ll explore techniques for building fully automated, continuous deployment pipelines and gain insights into polyglot cloud-native development on popular cloud platforms such as Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). By the end of the book, you’ll be able to apply these skills to build powerful cloud-native solutions.
What you will learn

Implement patterns such as Event Streaming, CQRS, and Event Sourcing
Deploy multi-regional, multi-master solutions
Secure your cloud-native services with OAuth and OpenID Connect
Create a robust cloud-native continuous deployment pipeline
Run services on AWS, Azure, and GCP
Implement autonomous services to limit the impact of failures

Who this book is for. (PDF) JavaScript Cloud Native

If you want to develop powerful serverless, cloud-native solutions, this book is for you. You are expected to have basic knowledge of concepts of microservices and hands-on experience with Node.js to understand the recipes in this book.
Table of Contents

Getting Started with Cloud-Native
Applying the Event Sourcing and CQRS Patterns
Implementing Autonomous Services
Leveraging the Edge of the Cloud
Securing Cloud-Native Systems
Building a Continuous Deployment Pipeline
Optimizing Observability. (PDF) JavaScript Cloud Native
Designing for Failure
Optimizing Performance
Deploying to Multiple Regions
Welcoming Polycloud. (PDF) JavaScript Cloud Native


About the Author


Karsten Samaschke is a lead Software & Solutions Architect, Lead Developer, Consultant, Coach – for Cloud, DevOps, Web, Mobile at Cloudibility GmbH, Germany. He plays major role in helping businesses grow into cloud environments (Private-, Public- or Hybrid-Cloud) by designing software solutions, conceptualizing and executing DevOps-environments (CI/CD-environments, processes, tools and toolchains), enabling teams and applications to work in such environments using Agile- and DevOps-methodologies, guiding through the shift in paradigms and approaches – not only on the software side of things, but also with regards to operations, organization and processes.

Michael Dombek is CTO at Cloudibility.io. He manages DevOps and Operations at Cloudibility. He plays major role in IT and Network operations and is responsible for cloud deployments, public as well as private cloud environments. His previous experience includes cloud architecture on OpenStack and various Kubernetes deployment projects. (PDF) JavaScript Cloud Native

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