(PDF) Junk Mail by Will Self PDF Review 2019 Read


(PDF) Junk Mail by Will Self PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) Junk Mail by Will Self PDF Review 2019 Read

New Crack City


A JOURNALIST FRIEND of mine asks me to take her out on the street andshow her some crack dealing in action. I can’t understand why she needs myhelp. You only have to stand outside the main entrance to King’s Cross for fiveminutes to start spotting the street people who are involved with drugs. King’sCross has always had a name for prostitution, and where there are brasses there’salways smack; and nowadays if you’re anywhere in London where there’s smack,then there will be crack as well. The two go together like foie gras and toast.Still, I suppose I can understand why my journalist friend needs me. TheLondon street drug scene is as subject to the caste principle as any other part ofEnglish society; druggies identity one another by eye contact and little else. AsRaymond Chandler once remarked: ‘It’s difficult to tell a well-controlled doperapart from a vegetarian bookkeeper.’ All up and down the promenade outsideKing’s Cross, druggies are making eye contact with one another. There areItalians – they’re principally interested in smack-and a contingent of young blackmen hanging out with white prostitutes. These men are pimps as well as beingcrack dealers.We watch the scene: dealers carry rocks of crack or tiny packets of smackwrapped up in silver foil and cling-film inside their cheeks. When a punterscores, he discreetly tucks the money into the dealer’s hand, the dealer drops therock or the smack out of his mouth and into the punter’s palm. The wholetransaction takes only a few seconds. ‘Why aren’t the police doing anything?’moans my journalist friend. ‘It’s all so blatant.’And it is. But what can the police do? Snarl up the whole of King’s Cross inthe middle of the rush hour while they try and nab a few street dealers?Supposing they do manage to collar them: the dealers will have swallowed theirstash. Fear is a fantastic lubricant.We’ve seen the street action, and my journalist friend wants to check out acrack den: do I know of one? Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I have some friendsin the East End who are well-established crack and smack dealers, but they’re notthe sort of people who accept house calls, especially from journalists. What ashame I can’t take my voyeuristic friend, but I can take you …The day’s action is just beginning up at Bob’s place. It’s about seven in the
evening. Someone has been to see the Cypriot and they’re washing up a quarterounce of powdered cocaine in the kitchen of Bob’s flat.Bob’s flat is situated at the very end of the outside walkway on the top floor ofa thirties council block in Hackney. It’s a good position for a drug dealer. Thepolice have to come up four flights and get through a locked, bolted and chaineddoor and a barred gate set in the flat’s internal passageway before they can gainaccess. The windows are also barred.Not that this deters them. To give the constabulary their due, they have turnedBob’s place over several times recently, but they never find anything. Bob keepshis stash up his anus. The police know this but they can’t be bothered to pull himin and fence with his brief while they wait for it to come out. Bob would have agood brief as well. Bob’s family are well established in this area; this has beentheir manor for years. Three generations of the family have been hard menaround here, respected men. Before they got into drugs they were into anotherkind of blag altogether: armed robbery.Bob once told me how they made the switch: ‘Chance, really. We were doing anumber on this Nigerian bloke. We knew he had something but we didn’t knowwhat. It was six kilos of brown. I got the fucker down on the floor with myshooter in his ear and said: “You’re fucking lucky we’re not the old bill!'”Bob is a talkative soul: bright, articulate and possessed of a gallows humourthat counts for wit in this society. But Bob is mighty keen on that rock.Sometimes he’ll be up for several days on end rocking it. Not that the crack is hiscore business – that’s still smack. (PDF) Junk Mail by Will Self PDF Review 2019 Read

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