(PDF) Metropolis Bernie Gunther n 14 by Philip Kerr PDF


(PDF) Metropolis Bernie Gunther n 14 by Philip Kerr PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) Metropolis Bernie Gunther n 14 by Philip Kerr PDF

Berlin detective Bernie Gunther bows out at last in the 14th and final book of the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling series. With an introduction by Ian Rankin. (PDF) Metropolis Bernie Gunther n 14 by Philip Kerr PDF

‘One of the greatest anti-heroes ever written’ LEE CHILD

‘One of the greatest master story-tellers in English’ ALAN FURST

Berlin, 1928, the dying days of the Weimar Republic shortly before Hitler and the Nazis came to power. It was a period of decadence and excess as Berliners – after the terrible slaughter of WWI and the hardships that followed – are enjoying their own version of Babylon. Bernie is a young detective working in Vice when he gets a summons from Bernard Weiss, Chief of Berlin’s Criminal Police. He invites Bernie to join KIA – Criminal Inspection A – the supervisory body for all homicide investigation in Kripo. Bernie’s first task is to investigate the Silesian Station killings – four prostitutes murdered in as many weeks. All of them have been hit over the head with a hammer and then scalped with a sharp knife.

Bernie hardly has time to acquaint himself with the case files before another prostitute is murdered. Until now, no one has shown much interest in these victims – there are plenty in Berlin who’d like the streets washed clean of such degenerates. But this time the girl’s father runs Berlin’s foremost criminal ring, and he’s prepared to go to extreme lengths to find his daughter’s killer.

Then a second series of murders begins – of crippled wartime veterans who beg in the city’s streets. It seems that someone is determined to clean up Berlin of anyone less than perfect. The voice of Nazism is becoming a roar that threatens to drown out all others. But not Bernie Gunther’s …




Praise for Metropolis
One of Publishers Weekly’s Top 10 Mysteries & Thrillers of Spring 2019

“Metropolis is a consummately told tale with lashings of vice and horror that works either as a gripping stand-alone in the Chandler mode or as the keystone of a 14-book arch with a deeper, more troubling flavor, and it’s a perfect goodbye—and first hello—to its hero. In Metropolis, Bernie Gunther has, at last, come home.”—The Washington Post

“Kerr’s 14th novel in this series proves to be Gunther’s origin story, which makes it feel imperative as well as poignant…Arresting…Vivid.”—The New York Times Book Review

“[A] worthy auf Wiedersehen…The author’s singular gifts for conveying the verbal, physical and moral textures of this vanished world are undiminished in Metropolis. The book offers similies worthy of Raymond Chandler.”—Wall Street Journal

“Fascinating, brilliantly researched…Just like Bernie, [Metropolis is] tough, funny, smart and pointed…An excellent introduction for newcomers and a fitting coda for longtime fans…Kerr’s powerful series seems more vital than ever, with anti-Semitism, authoritarianism and white nationalism all on the rise. With a final bow from his flawed if improbably endearing hero, Kerr again reminds us: Never forget.”—Newsday. (PDF) Metropolis Bernie Gunther

“Gunther is the perfect world-weary investigator for the glittering, doomed demi-monde of Weimar Berlin…Wonderfully plotted, with elegant prose, witty dialogue, homages to German Expressionism and a strong emotional charge, this is a bittersweet ending to a superb series.”—The Guardian (UK) (PDF) Metropolis Bernie Gunther

“Metropolis is Kerr’s and Bernie’s swan song—a brilliant Berlin opera of Goethe proportion with an intricate and riveting plot. And just like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Philip Kerr’s Metropolis is a masterpiece.”—New York Journal of Books

“Kerr displays again his special talent for reflecting individual depravities against the broad canvas of a society collapsing upon itself. It’s fascinating to see a younger Bernie here, with the makings of the melancholic wiseass and world-class cynic he will soon become, but still just a tad vulnerable (and still learning to hold his liquor). The Bernie Gunther series is one of the great triumps of modern noir, and it will be sorely missed.”—Booklist (starred review)

“This book is plenty timely. But completed shortly before the author’s death, it is also one of Kerr’s most congenial, beautifully controlled, and entertaining works. The banter is priceless. Going against the grain—as usual—by writing an origin novel as his swan song, Kerr leaves his fans happy.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)  (PDF) Metropolis Bernie Gunther

“Gripping…Kerr does a fine job of immersing the reader in the seamy side of Weimar Germany… Fans will be sorry to see the last of the honest, wisecracking Bernie.”—Publishers Weekly. (PDF) Metropolis Bernie Gunther

“Kerr saved some of his best work for last… Metropolis shows once again why Philip Kerr was one of the most talented novelists of his generation, and his final novel is one his fans won’t soon forget.”—The Real Book Spy

“Berlin during the time of the Third Reich’s reign is a perfect location to spotlight desperation, suspense, and death. Philip Kerr mastered both his plots and his characters, making this one thriller you do not want to miss.”—Suspense Magazine (PDF) Metropolis Bernie Gunther

About the Author


Philip Kerr was the New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Bernie Gunther novels, three of which–Field Gray, The Lady from Zagreb, and Prussian Blue–were finalists for the Edgar Award for Best Novel. Kerr also won several Shamus Awards and the British Crime Writers’ Association Ellis Peters Award for Historical Crime Fiction. Just before his death in 2018, he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. as P.B. Kerr, he was the author of the much-loved young adult fantasy series Children of the Lamp. (PDF) Metropolis Bernie Gunther n 14 by Philip Kerr PDF

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