(PDF) My Brother’s Destroyer by Clayton PDF Review


(PDF) My Brother’s Destroyer by Clayton Lindemuth PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) My Brother’s Destroyer by Clayton PDF Review

Immersive… Brutal… Primal…” KIRKUS Review

Baer Creighton is a gifted distiller of fruited moonshine, cursed with the ability to detect even the subtlest deception. He lives in the woods next to his house and talks to his dog Fred… until Fred goes missing. A week later, harvesting apples in moonlight, Baer watches a string of headlights emerge from a distant wood. A single truck turns toward Baer, backs in, tosses Fred to the ditch.

Baer vows to hunt down every man present at the fight ring and give him the cruelest death he can muster. But he tips his hand and begins a war of attrition against a cabal of men steeped in blood sport and thirsty for violence. Baer’s moxie will either lead him to unleash the most horrifying vengeance he can distill, or paradoxically, back to humanity, and redemption.

Or both.

Literary depth. Thriller pace. Grab your copy now!

“If you enjoy stories of betrayal and vengeance, with just a touch of the unreal, My Brother’s Destroyer is a fantastic read, and I highly recommend it for your next book.”

“I was left completely in awe.”

Prepare yourself for a battle of good and evil unlike any you’ve seen. With rave reviews from Publishers Weekly (starred review and best of the week), IndieNext List, Kirkus, BlueInk Review, Foreword Reviews, Seattle Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, Indie Reader and more, if you haven’t read Clayton Lindemuth’s unique brand of literary noir, what are you waiting for?




Kirkus Review:
Lindemuth writes in a Southern dialect that perfectly evokes the woods and hollows of the Carolina hills. Baer’s voice is as textured as the landscape (“All my life I got out the way so the liars and cheats could go on lying and cheating one another. I can spot a liar like nobody”), and the brutal acts that he describes are timeless and primal. Even within the bounds of this vernacular, Lindemuth manages to fashion sharp observations: “Cory Smylie was irredeemable, but given the vastness of Stipe’s enterprise, odd jobs presented that were uniquely suited to irredeemable men.”

…the world of Gleason is so immersive and Baer’s vendetta so oddly compelling… Fans of noir tales set in rural America will particularly welcome this addition to the genre. kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/clayton-lindemuth/my-brothers-destroyer/

Lindemuth is a master at tying what could be disparate plot elements together, forming a coherent and chilling whole. One last detail (just in case you weren’t already hooked): Baer has the ability to tell when someone is lying. He sees their eyes flash red and feels little sparks of electricity. This is the sort of plot element that separates good writers from the merely mediocre. Not once did Baer’s ability feel like a contrivance. In fact, it blended seamlessly in with the rest of the book. In short, I was left completely in awe.

If you enjoy stories of betrayal and vengeance, with just a touch of the unreal, My Brother’s Destroyer is a fantastic read, and I highly recommend it for your next book.

Reader Views: Loved this Story!
“My Brother’s Destroyer” by Clayton Lindemuth is a thrilling story with intense, horrific drama, displaying the ultimate depths of pure evil, and the lengths one man will go to for vengeance.

Fascinating story! This tale was gripping from the very start with the author’s enthralling writing style pulling readers into the drama on the first page. There are no fillers in this story – I found every word impactful and necessary to move the plot along at a swift pace…

Written in authentic dialect, the tone is unique and impressive, a multi-dimensional experience transporting readers directly into each scene.

I highly recommend “My Brother’s Destroyer” by Clayton Lindemuth. His distinct writing style, with a unique blend of humor,sarcasm and darkness, will appeal to readers of thrilling suspense and horror and those that love a strong-willed protagonist on a mission.

Portland Book Review
From the dog fights with explicit wound descriptions to some mildly incestuous behavior to the nigh unreadable hillbilly vernacular of main character Baer Creighton, there is a lot in this novel that is simply awful to get through. Frankly, though, that shouldn’t be all this book is judged by. Sometimes fiction has to be awful in order to reflect the awfulness that exists in reality. It is not a book that most audiences will enjoy, but it is a well written book… if you have the stomach for it, it could be worth your time. (PDF) My Brother’s Destroyer


From the Author


Baer Creighton was a fun character to write. He’s a cross between a half-drunk MacGyver and I don’t know what, a deeply moral redneck. He feels physical pain when people lie, and given the amount of that going on, he’s a recluse. So when his story unfolds and he starts finding conflict in every direction, all while trying to hew to a super-moral code that vengeance has to be scaled to the harm received, there are plenty of quirks for an author to exploit to keep the drama tense and the humor dark.

I’d have to say that what I enjoy the most about the book is Baer’s dialogues with his dog Fred. Readers have given me all kinds of insight about what’s going on there, and I love all of it. (PDF) My Brother’s Destroyer by Clayton PDF Review

I hope you find as much fun reading My Brother’s Destroyer as I had writing it! (PDF) My Brother’s Destroyer

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