(PDF) My Detective by Jeffrey Fleishman PDF Review


(PDF) My Detective by Jeffrey Fleishman PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) My Detective by Jeffrey Fleishman PDF Review

Los Angeles is booming. Money is pouring in. Buildings are going up. But someone is killing architects.

Detective Sam Carver journeys through sins scattered across the City of Angels, where hipsters, homeless, immigrants, producers, politicians, movie stars, and cops collide in mysterious ways. Every move Carver makes is anticipated by the killer, Dylan Cross. She has hacked his computer and knows his diaries and secrets. She sees in him a kindred and damaged spirit, a man who can understand her crimes, heal her scars, and love her. Dylan is reclaiming herself from a past of brutal injustices inflicted by a world of misogyny and power. Detective Carver is dealing with his own troubled history — an elusive and violent father. (PDF) My Detective by

My Detective is a story of obsession set against vengeance and prayers of forgiveness in a city that is as cruel as it is fantastical. It captures modern Los Angeles in real time, an eerie glide through the imagination, where winds gust high above the San Gabriel Mountains and neighborhoods stretch toward the ocean like the flash and tremor of a dream. The novel speaks to our sense of beauty in a new century and the demons we rouse when we dare to create a new metropolis. (PDF) My Detective by




”From the first page My Detective moves as smooth as a bullet train through the shadowy world of night. Its hypnotic prose and scintillating characters guarantee that once you’re on board you’ll be riding this one to the end.” –Michael Connelly, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Dark Sacred Night

”A lyrical crime debut that offers a haunting tête-à-tête between killer and cop … and a chilling reminder that cruelty never dies.” –Brian Freeman, bestselling author of Alter Ego. (PDF) My Detective by

”A serial killer stalks the homicide detective pursuing her in this convincing crime novel from Fleishman…Fleishman’s ability to get into the minds of Dylan and Carver, who has some skeletons in his past, enhances this fresh take on a familiar genre.” –Publishers Weekly

”The writing is intermittently gorgeous: a city of ghosts, bright as paper lanterns. The detective chats about Mozart, Bernini, and The Great Gatsby. The final confrontation between cop and killer isn t just written; it s orchestrated.” –Booklist


About the Author


Jeffrey Fleishman, a Harvard Nieman fellow and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, is a foreign correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, currently serving as the paper’s Cairo bureau chief. He has covered wars in Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. His first novel, Promised Virgins: A Novel of Jihad, was published in 2009. (PDF) My Detective by

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