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(PDF) Norwegian Cakes and Cookies Sverre Saetre PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) Norwegian Cakes and Cookies Sverre Saetre PDF



Crunchy, good apples, mild pears, sweet morellos… We don’t have verymany types of fruit in Norway, but those we do have are world-class. Ourapples, plums, and morellos are in a class of their own when it comes toflavor. It is the long, light summer days and the relatively lowtemperature that makes the fruit ripen slowly here and develop a lot ofextra flavor and sweetness. Unfortunately, the whole of our vast tract ofland is not ideal for cultivating fruit, but parts of eastern and westernNorway have proven to be perfect when it comes to climate and soil.In Norway, we have preserved fruit with jamming, juicing, and canningsince the old days. This is how you could use the fruit in foodpreparation beyond the fall and winter. Today, preserving hasdisappeared from the home for the most part and is used mostly by bigindustry, which seldom takes into account whether the raw materials arefinished ripening before they’re preserved. Moreover, so much sugar ispoured on that they don’t play a part. In my bakery, in terms of bothhealth and nutrition, as well as taste, we have dusted off the good old artof refinement and can as much fruit as we can enjoy through the darkwinter. If you treat the raw materials well and follow the recipe, you getcanned goods of excellent quality. You should also know that if you wishto use the fruit whole, canning is actually a better storage method thanfreezing.You probably do not immediately associate carrots and potatoes withbaked goods, but I actually use a good deal of both of them in my bakery.Carrots and potatoes fit very well in cakes and desserts because they aremild in flavor and add a lot of moistness. (PDF) Norwegian Cakes and Cookies Sverre Saetre PDF




Crisp and juicy. This is what we associate with all of our varieties of apples,and in Norway we have some of the best apples in the world. Because theapple tree depends on cold resting periods in order to blossom, the growingconditions along the fjords of western Norway, and certain places in easternNorway and as far north as North Trøndelag, are excellent for apple growing.Apples are used for almost everything, and they are ideal for furtherprocessing—for baking, frying, boiling, dehydrating, canning, pressing, winemaking, and searing. In my bakery, we use apples in a lot of good things, like. (PDF) Norwegian Cakes and Cookies Sverre Saetre PDF
tarts and cakes; we cook them with vanilla; we make jellies, jam, and juice,veiled farm girls, chocolates, and apple chips, among others. Plus, we alwaysmake sure to use apples that are in season. Apples are perfect for gentlecanning. After putting the apples in the jar, I usually add other good flavors,like lingonberries, cinnamon, and star anise, for example, in addition to a littlesugar. When the apples are canned, completely new possibilities andapplications emerge. Canned apples are very suitable as a filling for creamcakes, and also as a starting point for apple sorbet. Moreover, canned applesare the world’s easiest—and quickest—dessert. If you have a jar of cannedapples alone, the only thing you need to do is whip a little cream or make avanilla sauce. A little sprinkle of crunchy, crisp rusks puts the finishing touchon it.We divide the different apple varieties into three categories: summer apples,fall apples, and winter apples. The difference between them is how long theyneed to ripen, and how long the time of use is after harvesting.Summer apples have a short time of use and ripen during August. They areoften mild in flavor and have a low acid content. Some varieties are Close,July Red, Vista Bella, Transparente Blanche, Quinte, and Red Sävstadholm.Fall apples get ripe during September. They tolerate a short shelf life of 1–2months after harvesting. Some of our fall apple varieties are Prince, JamesGrieve, Summer Red, Gravenstein, and Åkerø. Winter apples do not finishripening on the tree and therefore should be stored a few weeks before use.They are harvested during October and have a time of use of 3–4 months.Some winter apple varieties are Lobo, Ingrid Marie, Karin Schneider, Filippa,Aroma, and Torstein. There are good Norwegian apples on the market rightup to January. It’s good to know that these generally are not sprayed withpesticides. Each apple tree is, in fact, checked and sprayed only as needed. (PDF) Norwegian Cakes and Cookies Sverre Saetre PDF

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