(PDF) Shanghai 1937 by Peter Harmsen PDF Review

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(PDF) Shanghai 1937 by Peter Harmsen PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) Shanghai 1937 by Peter Harmsen PDF Review

The New York Times bestseller that inspired the documentary Shanghai 1937: Where World War II Began on Public Television.

At its height, the Battle of Shanghai involved nearly a million Chinese and Japanese soldiers while sucking in three million civilians as unwilling spectators—and often victims. It turned what had been a Japanese imperialist adventure in China into a general war between the two oldest and proudest civilizations of the Far East. Ultimately, it led to Pearl Harbor and to seven decades of tumultuous history in Asia. The Battle of Shanghai was a pivotal event that helped define and shape the modern world. (PDF) Shanghai 1937 by Peter

In its sheer scale, the struggle for China’s largest city was a sinister forewarning of what was in store only a few years later in theaters around the world. It demonstrated how technology had given rise to new forms of warfare and had made old forms even more lethal. Amphibious landings, tank assaults, aerial dogfights, and—most important—urban combat all happened in Shanghai in 1937. It was a dress rehearsal for World War II—or, perhaps more correctly, it was the inaugural act in the war, the first major battle in the global conflict.

Actors from a variety of nations were present in Shanghai during the three fateful autumn months when the battle raged. The rich cast included China’s ascetic Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and his Japanese adversary, General Matsui Iwane, who wanted Asia to rise from disunity, but ultimately pushed the continent toward its deadliest conflict ever. Claire Chennault, later of “Flying Tiger” fame, was among the figures emerging in the course of the campaign, as was First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. In an ironic twist, Alexander von Falkenhausen, a stern German veteran of the Great War, abandoned his role as a mere advisor to the Chinese army and led it into battle against the Japanese invaders.

Shanghai 1937 fills a gaping chasm in our understanding of the War of Resistance and the Second World War. (PDF) Shanghai 1937 by Peter



“‘Shanghai 1937’ has all the elements of a fabulous historical novel… Comparisons by online reviewers to Antony Beevor, author of ‘Stalingrad’ and ‘Berlin,’ are justly deserved.” –Taiwan Today. (PDF) Shanghai 1937 by Peter

“Mr Harmsen is an excellent writer. The book rattles along like a modern techno-thriller… Stands very successfully as an excellent piece of military writing in its own right.” –The Wargamer

“What’s special about this book is its comprehensiveness, shifting between Chinese, Japanese and foreign points of view.” –Shenzhen Special Zone Daily. (PDF) Shanghai 1937 by Peter

“On-the-spot impressions from a surprising number of Chinese and Japanese foot soldiers… Engaging account of a little-known battle… Practically nothing else in English tackles this topic at this level.” –Stone and Stone

“Almost impossible to put down once you have started, and even harder to put aside after you have finished the last page.” –Weekendavisen

“The photographs included are fantastic, other editors would do well to look at how the selection has been made here… If you are looking to expand your world knowledge to the Middle Kingdom, have a look at this book.” –War History Online. (PDF) Shanghai 1937 by Peter


About the Author


Peter Harmsen has been a foreign correspondent in East Asia for two decades and is currently bureau chief for the French news agency AFP in Taiwan. (PDF) Shanghai 1937 by Peter

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