PDF Stop Talking Start Doing by Shaa Wasmund


PDF Stop Talking Start Doing A motivational kick in the pants to get the most out of your life

Have you got an itch? To start your own business, go to the North Pole, retrain, lose weight, get promoted, learn to play the ukulele? Or do you just have a nagging sense that there must be more to life? If there is something you really want to do, but secretly fear you’ll never do it then you need this book.

The original Stop Talking Start Doing helped readers to move from talking to doing. To climb into the ring and face their fears about making their thing happen. It helped readers to understand why they had fears and why starting was easier than they thought. It encouraged them to start somewhere, anywhere.

The Stop Talking Start Doing Action Book will help you to identify where or what that starting point should be, and how to build from there to make your thing happen. It will help you to evaluate why you have procrastinated until now and identify the small steps you need to take to make it happen.

But it will help you to plan beyond that. It will help you see how you can execute your idea through small, simple steps that are right for you, rather than one undefined, daunting task. Find sources of inspiration that work for you and learn how you can draw upon them as you go, draw confidence from previous experiences, and find the self-discipline you need to make swift decisions along the way.

Identify your personal starting point
Take the first steps to set your plan into motion
Find your inspiration and self-discipline
Build confidence in your quick decisions along the way




Epub Shaa Wasmund This book descales you of excuses, removes stubborn resistance and eliminates a messy life of torpor and replaces it with one of excitement and meaning. Every life and home should have one.” (Daily Express, May 2016)

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PDF Stop Talking Start Doing

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