(PDF) Sweets Forgotten The Tenth Samantha PDF


(PDF) Sweets Forgotten The Tenth Samantha PDF Review 2019 Read books online

(PDF) Sweets Forgotten The Tenth Samantha PDF

When a woman walks into Samantha Sweet’s pastry shop, claiming to have amnesia, it’s a puzzle that seems to have nothing to do with Sam’s new commission for a fantastic one-of-a-kind order of chocolates, although “Jane Doe” seems to know a lot about that. Sam calls Sheriff Beau to solve the mystery of who this stranger is and where she belongs. But Beau’s attention is occupied by other things: nearly his entire force is out sick with some kind of flu bug, and now a murder far from Taos requires his full attention. Nothing is fitting together, until suddenly it does. “Jane’s” forgotten memories become vitally important as Beau and Sam work to piece the puzzle together in this latest installment in Shelton’s internationally bestselling series. “Connie Shelton gets better with every book she writes.”—The Midwest Book Review “I’m addicted to this series!” –Mollie D. Williams, 5 star review online “Great series. Holds your interest and leaves you wanting more.” –Paula Kroencke, 5 stars,


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USA Today bestselling author Connie Shelton is the author of two mystery series, as well as several award-winning essays. She has taught writing courses and workshops and was a contributor to Chicken Soup For the Writer’s Soul. She and her husband live in New Mexico with their two dogs. (PDF) Sweets Forgotten The Tenth. (PDF) Sweets Forgotten The Tenth. (PDF) Sweets Forgotten The Tenth

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