(PDF) The Golden Yarn Mirrorworld n 3 Review PDF 2019


(PDF) The Golden Yarn Mirrorworld n 3 Review PDF 2019 Read books online

(PDF) The Golden Yarn Mirrorworld n 3 Review PDF 2019

Jacob Reckless continues to travel the portal in his father’s abandoned study. His name has continued to be famous on the other side of the mirror, as a finder of enchanted items and buried secrets. His family and friends, from his brother, Will to the shape-shifting vixen, Fox, are on a collision course as the two worlds become connected. Who is driving these two worlds together and why is he always a step ahead?

This new force isn’t limiting its influence to just Jacob’s efforts – it has broadened the horizon within MirrorWorld. Jacob, Will and Fox travel east and into the Russian folklore, to the land of the Baba Yaga, pursued by a new type of being that knows our world all to well.


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Gr 9 Up-The fantastical adventures of brothers Jacob and Will continue in this exciting installment in Funke’s fairy tale-inspired series. Will’s girlfriend Clara pricks her finger on a magical brooch, and when Will is unable to awaken her with a kiss, he goes through the mirror to enlist Jacob’s help-but can’t find him. Instead, Jacob’s treasure-hunting rival, Nerron, kidnaps Will to get revenge on Jacob. Meanwhile, Jacob and the shape-shifting vixen Fox set off into the eastern part of the lands to rescue Will. The Dark Fairy is also fleeing from a false murder accusation. Mirrorlings, eerie humanlike figures made of glass and silver, hinder the brothers’ search by attacking them and trying to smother them in silver. Jacob and Will come to understand that “and they lived happily ever after” is truly hard earned. All the characters grapple with heartbreak and betrayal and find that the Golden Yarn, the inseparable bond between lovers, does determine their destinies. Those who haven’t read the previous books in the series may be confused by allusions to prior events, but those who have will be intrigued by this story set in a richly imagined world full of familiar fairy tale elements in a unique and compelling way. VERDICT An absorbing read for fans of the previous works in this series.-Sharon Rawlins, New Jersey State Library, Trentonα(c) Copyright 2011. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted. (PDF) The Golden Yarn Mirrorworld




Dark fantasy, fairy-tale elements, a magic mirror portal into another realm, I am SO THERE with many, many bells on. – Kirkus Reviews

Five Shields; I loved it. Every twist and every turn felt not only real, but very well planned and executed. So this is the book that truly redeems this series for me, I mean the previous installment laid a lot of the groundwork, but this is where I really got invested in the world, the characters, and what’s going to happen next. I can’t wait to continue! – Zack’s YA Reviews. (PDF) The Golden Yarn Mirrorworld

4/5 stars. A lyrically written fantasy that tugs at the golden heartstrings. If you love high fantasy, or want to love high fantasy but have a hard time with heavy writing, pick up the story of Jacob Reckless, and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. –The Underground

The story draws you in from the very start…I have always been a fan of immediate action in a book. –Turnabout Media

I love how Funke’s world is based on a combo of many different fairy tales. So many times in retellings we will get one or maybe two but never have so many been put into one story! And it’s just amazing what Funke has done! She does so well with all of the characters in her stories that even through there are many you don’t get lost and you know everything that is going on. – Night Owl




4.5/5 stars. It is such a nice, wonderful and enchanting reading experience. – Bookfrog. (PDF) The Golden Yarn Mirrorworld

4/5 stars. There’s a depth and darkness to Funke’s creation that makes it one of the best I’ve ever seen. To often fantasy settings feel static and changeless, but Funke’s feels vibrant and alive. – The Illustrated Page. (PDF) The Golden Yarn Mirrorworld

The Golden Yarn combines “once upon a time” excitement with endless possibilities and breathless hopes for a few “happily ever afters.” – Foreward Reviews. (PDF) The Golden Yarn Mirrorworld

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