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(PDF) The Idea Erik Bork Review PDF 2019 Read books online

(PDF) The Idea Erik Bork Review PDF 2019 Read

Most screenwriting books tend to focus on story structure, scene writing, navigating the business, and other parts of the craft that come AFTER the initial choice of the central concept for a story. (PDF) The Idea Erik Bork Review PDF 2019 Read

Multiple Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning writer/producer Erik Bork (HBO’s Band of Brothers) takes a different approach. His experience in the industry and as a screenwriting professor and coach have led him to recognize that it’s the selection of the initial idea that is the most important part of the process — with the most impact on the project’s chance of success. And as Mr. Bork knows from experience, this choice takes a lot more understanding and work to get “right” than it might seem.

Most screenwriters and fiction writers have difficulty getting their work read and accepted by agents, editors and producers mainly because their idea for a story presented in a query or pitch doesn’t excite these “gatekeepers” like it would need to, for them to want to engage.

And when they do read the whole story, their core reasons for “passing” are usually also about the basic idea (although lack of professional-level execution matters, too). But writers are usually in the dark about this, not realizing that the project they spent months or years on had fundamental flaws on a concept level, in the eyes of the people they most hoped to impress with it.

But even the best fiction writing books and screenwriting experts tend to move quickly past the crucial step of choosing a viable idea, to get to the specific plotting and composition of it, because there is so much to master in those later parts of the process — which feel a lot more like “writing” than developing and mulling over potential story concepts.

Professionals, though, tend to understand the primacy of “the idea,” and learn that there are certain key elements in story or series premises that really work, and which are worth investing time and energy in. And that’s what The Idea focuses on — laying out what those specific elements are, and how to master them.

While its concepts originate from the author’s screenwriting experiences, they apply equally to commercial fiction writing, playwriting and other forms of “story” — because the focus is on what makes an underlying concept compelling enough to appeal to a substantial audience or readership.

The “Seven Elements of a Viable Story” in The Idea form an acronym for the word PROBLEM, since every story is really about one, at its core. Each chapter focuses on one of these seven deceptively simple-looking aspects of a strong story, which are anything but easy to master. Mr. Bork highlights his own struggles as a writer, and his arrival at an understanding of how each of these elements works — and how to know if one’s idea really succeeds at each of them. A special section devoted to television writing (and its unique attributes) ends each chapter.

Whatever your education and background in writing or story, this book and its unique focus contributes foundationally useful information not covered elsewhere — which may be the missing piece that leads to greater results, both on the page and in the marketplace.




“Before starting any project, every film or TV writer, whether new or experienced, should read this book. When Erik sent it to me, I was just beginning a new script. This book showed me problems with the idea I didn’t know I had. Better yet, it showed me how to find solutions.”

– Graham Yost, Screenwriter/Executive Producer/Showrunner – Justified, The Americans, Speed. (PDF) The Idea Erik Bork

“Don’t write a word of your next screenplay or novel, and don’t dive into any other books – including mine – until you’ve read Erik Bork’s The Idea. His simple, essential insights will spare you the pain of spending months or years on your project, only to learn that your concept was doomed from the start. Instead, apply his 7 Elements and guarantee your story goes to the top of every reader’s RECOMMEND list.”

– Michael Hauge, Author – Writing Screenplays That Sell; Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds; Storytelling Made Easy

“Having read over 60,000 screenplays in a twenty-year career, I’ve learned that most scripts are fatally flawed at the idea stage. Too bad the screenwriter didn’t figure it out before investing six months in a screenplay that will never work. Emmy-winning screenwriter Erik Bork also recognizes this problem and solves it with a different kind of P-R-O-B-L-E-M, a clever and insightful way for writers to analyze and diagnose their story ideas. This quick and fun book examines the dramatic principles that create a strong idea and is certain to save writers a lot of time and effort.”

– Christopher Lockhart, Story Editor – William Morris Endeavor Agency. (PDF) The Idea Erik Bork

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